Rae’s Birth Story

I probably should have started writing Rae’s birth story a lot earlier. But I wanted to enjoy those first few weeks with my new daughter and my family. There was also the recovery and antibiotics for myself and Rae to deal with.

How Did it all Start?

I was admitted into hospital for an induction on the 17th December 2016. (my due date, there weren’t any available beds the day before). I had the first pessary put it. While I got contractions they came and they went but didn’t really progress any further. It wasn’t until the following day when I had a second pessary put in, combined with a long walk to Costa in the hospital things started to happen. The contractions started coming and were slowly getting stronger and closer. It had been decided that my waters would need to be broken. They didn’t want me to go over too far as Rae was measuring to be a 9lb something baby. Because I had a precious c-section the Doctor was concerned about my scar having too much strain and pressure on it. This could cause some serious damage and be life threatening to myself and Rae if it was to rupture.

Niagara Falls Has Nothing On Me….

Two attempts were to break my waters which I have to say was extremely painful. It was particularly difficult for them as her head was right where they needed to break my waters. Once they had broken my waters, let me say Niagara falls has nothing on me. My waters kept coming, so much so that as we walked from the induction suite to the delivery room. My waters kept coming leaving puddles on the floor in the corridor. Matt joked about it being a slip and slide. I was switching between crying my eyes out because of it to hysterically laughing about it.

I was given 4 hours before they reviewed my progress. After that a decision made as to whether I would be allowed to continue with a natural birth or whether I would have to have another c-section.

Oh My God Those Contractions Hurt….

The contraction’s were intense. It was so much more intense than it ever was with Logan I was managing with gas and air but after about 3 hours I had reached my pain limit. I needed pain killers to take the edge off. But I really didn’t want to have an epidural this time, I didn’t want to risk it causing me to have a c-section, because I couldn’t feel how I was pushing. I didn’t want pethidine as I’d heard that babies can have withdrawal from it but they were my options if I wanted pain relief. So I went with the pethidine, and to be honest I don’t think it really did much.

4 Hours And Counting….

The whole time I was in labour I kept thinking about how I only had 4 hours to give birth before it was game over and luckily  Rae was born in about 4 hours. She was born at 2:26am weighing a whooping 10lbs 10oz. Delivered naturally, how I managed to deliver her naturally I will never know, I just remember saying over and over that I couldn’t do it. I also asked for a C-section at one point but by then she was almost crowning. I did have to have an episiotomy and as a result I lost a litre of blood, this caused me to be anemic and I was on Iron tablets for nearly a month.

Finally We Can Go Home….

We were finally discharged on the 23rd December, just in time for Christmas, Rae had her kidney scan and a plan of care put in place before we left. I was on antibiotics for 3 weeks due to an infection and Rae has been on antibiotics since she was born. She had a special type of X-ray to check for blockages in here bladder, we haven’t heard anything from that yet so no news is good news. Rae has a date at the hospital for an appointment in March so we’ll go from there as to whether anymore test’s have to be done and whether she is to stay on antibiotics.

We are both doing well and Rae is an absolute delight, she is completely chilled out and loves her sleep. So different from Logan. But I do love that about her. I couldn’t be happier now my family is complete.

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Other people's views

  1. Anne says:

    Aww I do love a good birth story, this is very similar to my second birth. I had a C-section with my eldest son and then a VBAC with my second, a little girl.
    Little Rae is beautiful xx

    1. Sam says:

      Aw thank you I think she’s beautiful too but I’m biased.

  2. Angela Webster says:

    What a beautiful little girl ! Induction of labour is not a nice experience at all in my experience, it prolonged labour in my case and left me totally exhausted. I’m glad you were able to give birth to Rae as you wanted. I have had two natural births and two c-sections. I hope Rae can come off the antibiotics soon. Thanks for linking up with #TuesdayTreasures

    1. Sam says:

      Thanks for getting in touch. I’m glad it wasn’t as long as my sons labour at nearly 3 days as I was so exhausted by the end.

  3. Jaki says:

    Love birth stories. Especially because they are always different. I have one on my blog if you ever wanted to check it out. Just search for birth story on jakijellz.com. I was told by my midwife that I had a textbook labour. I was very lucky. Rae is beautiful and I love the name. I hope the first few weeks have gone well for you. #bestandworst

    1. Sam says:

      thank you. The first few weeks have had their share of complications but can’t really complain

  4. Sarah Howe says:

    Aw I love a good birth story and although heard it from you directly, love to read it. You did such a good job as it seemed to come so thick and fast, quickly. She is beautiful and I’m glad all is going so well now as a family! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst

    1. Sam says:

      Thanks Sarah yeah I love reading a good birth story. I always feel the emotion that went into the stories they help me remember mine

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