Pregnancy Update 2nd Trimester:- Weeks 20-23

So if you read my last post you will know that things have been a bit crazy here lately. So this week’s post will be an update from weeks 20-23.

The 20 Week Scan….

So on the 1st August we had our 20 week scan (anomaly scan). It was exciting, surprising and not what we expected and not in a great way.

So to our surprise we are having a little girl. With pregnancy problems we have had in the past I honestly thought that maybe I couldn’t carry girls, it seems I can. While I had said from the outset that I would be happy with either I’d prefer a boy. I have to say that now I know we are having a girl I am over the moon at the thought of having my very own mini me.

However we did find out that I have a low-lying placenta which is currently covering my internal os. Not great if it doesn’t move then I wont get a choice in how I deliver it will be a straight out C-Section. Not what I want this time round. But if that is what I must have then that’s what I have. Not ideal for recovery with a toddler but we’ll manage.

We also found out that the little lady has a Kidney that is larger than the other. So we have been told that the limit for size they like is 7mm the little lady has her right Kidney measuring at 9mm. Not sure why it is storing the extra fluid we just have to hope it sort’s itself out by time she is born or she’ll be on antibiotics for 6-12 months. So fingers crossed at Clicks & Giggles HQ.


These have been raging a lot lately, partly because I have been so exhausted from all the tantrums we have had from Logan and partly because work has been busy and because I have got pain in my hips.

Aches And Pain….

As I briefly mentioned above. I have been having pain in my hips quite a bit at night and it doesn’t matter how many pillows I use or where I use them my hips hurt and I just can’t get comfy.

I also have got pain when I walk to and from work, it’s not particularly far to walk but I just get a stitch like pain under my bump and occasionally like I am being punched/kicked in the pubic bone. This is getting increasingly worse. I will be mentioning this to the midwife when I see at my next appointment.

Movement From The Little Lady….

So the little lady likes to move, not massively and a few times a day. I’ve not been noticing any patterns yet except at night. She is starting to wake more at night. Now I’m not sure if she will be a night baby like her brother or if my lack of sleep and Logan’s tantrums in the middle of the night keep waking her. But I do hope she will sleep better than Logan.

Bump Watch….

bump at 22 weeks +5

bump at 22 weeks +5


My apologies again that I have been late getting this up. Better late than never.

So you’re now all up to date on the pregnancy front.

Hope all you pregnant mumma’s are having a good pregnancy. I knew quite a few pregnant mumma’s at the moment, must be something in the water.

Please do get in touch, I love hearing from you all. I will reply to everyone. If you enjoyed this post please feel free to have a nosey around the site and if you like what you have read then please do subscribe to get the latest posts and pregnancy updates straight to your email.

Thank you for reading and until next time.



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