Pegnancy Update:- Dealing With Placenta Praevia

It’s been  quite a while since I posted anything, certainly since I posted a pregnancy update.

This will not the usual update purely because too much has happened. To be honest I’m not entirely convinced I’m ready to write this, but I need to.

If you read my last pregnancy update you’ll know that I have been diagnosed with Major Placenta Praevia (low-lying Placenta completely covering the Cervix). There are some times a lot of complications with this condition and can be fatal with lack of treatment/management of the condition.

What Is Placenta Praevia?

Placenta Praevia is where the placenta has developed in the lower part of the womb and usually is either partly covering or completely covering the Cervix. There are also four grades of Placenta Praevia. Which are as follows:-

  1.  – (minor) the placenta is mainly in the upper part of the womb, but some extends to the lower part.
  2.  – (marginal) the placenta reaches the cervix, but doesn’t cover it.
  3.  – (major) the placenta partially covers the cervix.
  4.  – (major) the placenta completely covers the cervix (most serious type of placenta praevia).

I am Grade 4!! In the last 2 weeks ( since 10th September) I was admitted into hospital 3 times with Placenta Praevia related bleeding.

One of the side affects from having Major Placenta Praevia is that the placenta can/may grow too deeply into the tissue. This is called Placenta Accreta. In these cases sometimes a hysterectomy might be required to stop heavy bleeding.

If you want to read more about this condition please visit this NCT site who provide detailed information on the condition.

Being Admitted….

The first time I was in for 24 hour observation after a small bleed. I had been discharged on the 11th mid morning, I was then readmitted on the 11th September around tea time, having a small spotting bleed followed by a bigger  bleed and passing blood clot.

That night I had three more bigger bleeds. Over the space of 2-3 hours I lost about 100ml of blood plus more blood clots. I then had small bleeds on wiping throughout the day. But between 6pm and 6:30pm on the monday I had 2 more big bleeds with an extra 3 blood clots. This is when things turned bad quickly, My iron levels dropped from 136 to 101. I went extremely light-headed and my Pulse had shot through the roof.


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The Dr was Called Straight Away….

Because of the amount of blood I had lost in less than 24 hours and my stats the midwives called the Dr straight away for him to look at me and check my stats etc. I was extremely dehydrated and anaemic and needed IV Fluids straight away. If the bleeding didn’t stop/settle I was to have a blood transfusion if that didn’t work I was to have an emergency C-section to deliver the Little lady at 26 weeks +2. I had been to the delivery suit for 1 on 1 care and observation. They struggled to put a cannula in as my veins kept collapsing, so they had to get the anaesthetist to do it.


Luckily with the fluids my stats started to return to normal and the bleeding had started to settle.

I was back on the ward a little while but it had been decided the following morning when the Dr’s where doing the rounds that I was to have steroid injections to help the little lady’s lungs develop quicker should they have to deliver her early. ( Let me tell you this, steroid injections F***ing hurt, big time.)

The bleeding continued off and on and had been told that I needed to have 48 hours without any bleeding. I was in until the 17th September when they discharged me in the afternoon.

Readmitted AGAIN!…..

After being discharged on the 17th, We couldn’t help but wonder how long it would be before I was readmitted. Well I was readmitted on 21st September for 24 hour observation as I had a small bleed on wiping with a blood clot. Luckily I didn’t have anymore fresh bleeding so I went home yesterday evening.

img_4366-1 img_4368

How Do I feel About All Of This?

This is now my life while I’m pregnant. In and out of hospital until the baby is born.

I don’t know really how I feel about it all. I just know that I feel frustrated. Constantly back and forth for 24 hours or more.

All I can do is take it one day at a time. I feel scared, I have no control over this, If I’m going to bleed I’m going to bleed regardless of what I do or don’t do.

Sex and orgasms are banned by the Dr as has picking Logan up or running after him. At the moment not being able to pick Logan up and chase after him is hard. It’s heart breaking. I’m also not allowed to do housework etc. I feel completely useless. I’m frustrated that I’m not allowed to be left by myself in case I have a big bleed.  With this condition a big bleed could be dangerous to the point that you can lose your entire blood volume in 10 minutes.

I just don’t know how to process all this I’m mostly scared that the Little lady will be born premature or even pre term and end up in NICU. Everyday she is inside me is a victory. But By god this pregnancy is hard.

Have you had or do you have Placenta Praevia? If so get in touch I would love to hear your story and how you managed or are managing.

As alway Thank you for reading. Please leave a comment below or get in touch via my social media pages. I will reply to everyone as soon as I can.




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  1. Lianne says:

    Oh bless you, it sounds really tough for you! Fortunately I havent experienced this before in my pregnancies but I wish you all the best for the rest of your pregnancy!! #bestandworst

    1. Sam says:

      Thanks you. Yeah it’s hard just trying to take it one day at a time

  2. Elizabeth Cole says:

    Oooohh sounds like a nasty complication – hope all is OK


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