C-Section Awareness Month-My Story

I know a few women including myself that have had a C-Section whether it was an emergency or elective and what astounds me is that it isn’t seen to be an acceptable way to give birth. My question is, Does it really matter? As long as the baby is safe and the mother is safe then forget how the baby is born.

Now that being said, there is a part of me that feels like  I failed and that I think does come down to the stigma that is associated with C-Sections.


So without further delay here is my Story……


It’s two day’s before my due date (I was due on Sunday 1st June 2014) and its around lunch time.The contraction start coming, nothing major but their coming, I text my husband to let him know so he comes back to work from home, just in case. By the evening they had stopped and I was frustrated. Nothing happened on the Saturday and then D-Day, I waited, I waited for something to happen, anything to happen but again there was nothing. I started to do whatever I could to get things moving cleaning the kitchen floor on my hands and knees, dancing, eating spicy food. Then in the early hours of the Tuesday morning the contraction’s were back, stronger this time but by mid-day they had stopped again, I was frustrated but I knew the following day I would be having my Sweep in the afternoon.

Wednesday 4th June 2014 started with contraction stronger than before but not painful. They were every 10 minutes or so. I went to my Midwife appointment and had my sweep. While I was there they had gone from every 10 minutes to every 5 minutes, this was it this was the start. Little did I know that Logan wouldn’t be born until the Friday. The Wednesday night was frustrating and painful with 2 trips in the night to the hospital and birth times we had been sent home. The contractions just kept coming, I’d never know pain like it ( The pain from my Ectopic pregnancy was completely different and didn’t stop) with every contraction I had to fight to keep my panic attacks at bay.

By Mid-morning Thursday I think it was I need to go back to the hospital, while en-route to the hospital the sonic boom had gone off causing a split second of pain in the car between my husband and father-in-law.

I had got to 6 cm at home with just my husband’s help and support, within 30 minutes I had gone to 7 cm, fantastic. But that was it for a while. I had decided while at home that I wanted the epidural as well as gas and air. The pain relief really helped so much, not only did it take some of the pain away but it help a lot with my panic attacks. Finally late in the middle of the night it was time to push. I was already exhausted before I began. I pushed for about and hour and half and Logan hadn’t budge, after an examination it had been decided that they needed to try to aid me with the forceps and the Ventouse in theatre. Neither worked Logan was partly back to back and his head was not in the right place, it was time to get him out safely. So emergency C-Section it was.

They were still closing me up when Logan was cleaned and brought out to us. Matt felt guilty at the time because they handed Logan to him first and not me. So I never actually got the first hold, which at the time didn’t bother me. To be honest none of it bothered me, the C-Section was fine, it wasn’t ideal because of recovery but you just have to get on with it. Things became even harder if possible when the incision split open, it was about a cm wide and 3mm deep.

Suffering with anemia and only been home a couple of days

Suffering with anemia and only been home a couple of days

Looking back I am sad I had to have a Section because I feel like I failed and like I didn’t get to experience a natural vaginal birth. I know how I feel is partly because there are so many things out there that say you’re not a real mother/you had it easy etc. But believe me there was nothing easy about my labour, there was nothing easy about pushing for an hour and half when your already exhausted and nothings happens.

If it wasn’t for the C-Section both me and Logan may not have been here, we should all be grateful that if something went wrong that they could have the baby out in something like 7 minutes I think.

It does not matter how you give birth, it is hard work and you earned the title of Mother. Lets drop the stigma that if you had a C-Section then you’re not a mother, its absolute rubbish. End of!

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Other people's views

  1. Leslie says:

    Great post Sam. I keep meaning to write about mine but haven’t got round to it yet. You’ve inspired me. Glad you found your mojo again x

    1. Sam says:

      Thanks Leslie, I’m glad I’ve inspired you that means a lot to me. I think it’s fair to say though that you have your hands full with a new baby and toodler

  2. Michelle Bradbury says:

    I had an emergency C section with my son when I was 16, there was no choice in the matter as he had become distressed due to an early bowel movement before birth. It was get him out or we both would be at risk from poisoning from the meconium. Not once afterwards did I feel that I hadn’t given birth properly, even though I would have preferred conventional vaginal birth had I had the choice.
    My second child when I was 29 was a vaginal birth with gas and air to begin with, then epidural and Ventouse, supported by a cut or two down there for wider access. I can honestly say, that I do not rate one method over the other, and that having healthy babies was my only concern.
    I think it is wrong for people to make anyone feel bad over their method of birth, which ever it happens to be, as it really sometimes cannot be avoided to have medical intervention.
    Having a baby is stressful enough, without being judged and criticized over how they joined the rest of us in this big, wide world. You are fine. Your beautiful baby is fine. THAT is what matters. Mum hugs to you both. xxx

    1. Sam says:

      Thanks Michelle, I couldn’t agree with you more. I think that as parents we should be pulling together and supporting one another not looking for ways to pick apart our parenting methods or birth choices/options/actions.

  3. Training Mummy says:

    What a great post. I have had two emergency sections after two failed inductions. The first time I felt awful sadness and felt a huge failure but the second eased that a little (though still sad and feel I missed out) but I realised with that one (it was a Cat 1 section) that without the sections I most probably wouldn’t be here (first section me and baby were ill) and my second would definitely not have been here. I never got to hold my daughter first (and did not see her for first 30 minutes). To this day I cry about this and when I went for second induction I made sure to ask about what I wanted should it be a section again and I made a point of stating I wanted to see the sex first and then first cuddles and I got both of these things. Amazing.

    1. Sam says:

      Thank you. I think when it’s your first baby you don’t really know what to expect and and how much you can demand for want of a better word where your baby is concerned. I have only got the one child at the moment. But I’d like to think that if/when I have a second I will go in the labour a bit wiser a little bit calmer and a little bit more in control of my emotions etc. And feel like I can ask to have the first hold.

  4. Hannah Budding Smiles says:

    Words fail me when I find out that people actually consider a section an ‘easy’ option. I did have a fairly straightforward vaginal delivery with Toby and as for baby girl… Well, I’ll get back to you within the next couple of weeks! But it isn’t the birth that makes me, or you, or anyone else, a mother, it’s the love and protection for your child. I’ve said this about parents who adopt, they’re still parents too!xx

    1. Sam says:

      Hannah I couldn’t agree with you more on this. I had that there is so much stigma when it comes to birth and even the stigma with Miscarriages. I just wish the people that judge everyone could just take a step back and think about what their doing/saying and the impact it can have on people. I have a strong personality I can be quite out spoken so for me to feel the stigma that comes with having a C-Section just makes me feel sad, and sad for all the mum’s out there that have had a section and are really affected by it to the point where they have to have councelling. I just think Why? why do that to someone.

      Anyway, I so excited for you. I keep checking facebook on daily/hourly for updates to see if you have gone and had her yet. so exciting.

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