My Top 10 Way’s To Combat Stress!

I wanted to share with you what I do to combat stress and what you can try to do to combat stress.

I’m a natural worrier so I tend to stress about thing’s quite easily and quite quickly, and being a stay at home mother and wife I tend to stress out more than I ever use to. So here are my top 10 way’s to combat stress.

  1. Take a Break:- Take 5-10 minute’s to have a break, make yourself a cuppa and review the situation. Now being English I love a good cup of PG Tips and I believe that a cup of tea can solve most thing’s. It’s amazing how just having 5-10 minutes to drink a cuppa and a bit of a reflection can ease those stress levels.
  2. Regular “Me Time”:- Having “Me Time” as a mum is really important to me, it’s my time to look after myself. As mother’s we spend so much of our time looking after other’s and not ourselves that everyday thing’s can cause our stress levels to rise. For me, I find “Me Time” helps my stress levels by having that regular time where I can just focus on myself and forget about the world. By doing this I find I forget what I was stressing about and when I do remember and think about them again, I can do it with fresh eyes and a clear mind.
  3. Colouring In:- Colouring In or Art Therapy has become the latest craze for beating stress and depression. I recently did a post on this, if you’ve not seen it check it out here. Everybody loves to colour in and this provide’s a great opportunity to clear your head.
  4. Go For A Walk:- Going for a walk really does help those stress levels. When I’m out for a walk with my husband it’s a great chance for us to talk about anything that might be bothering us without the distraction of the tv/phones/social media. Even if I’m out by myself I find I naturally start to focus on my thought’s and start processing them and I find I often see things more clearly this way or it allows me to process things so that I can get advice from my husband with regards to what is stressing me out.
  5. Exercise:- We are always hearing about how exercise is good for depression because of the feel good hormones, well it has the same effect on stress. The 2 forms of exercise I like to do which helps me with stress is running, this helps me in the same way as going for a walk except I like to run by myself and I tend to use this time for the really big thing’s that stress me out. The other exercise is, Strength Training with my kettlebell. For me it’s so challenging on my body that it takes all my focus on what I am doing that I’ve stopped thinking about whatever is stressing me out.
  6. Take A Deep Breath:- This is something I do quite often when I’m stressed out because Logan is throwing a tantrum for the millionth time. I find that if I stop and take a deep breath and count to 10 I get and instant quick fix and allows me to carry on dealing with Logan’s tantrums without losing the plot or losing control.
  7. Read:- I love reading, it is one of my favourite pastimes. For me there is something so relaxing and calming about losing myself in a good book. It’s a great way to forget about your troubles and just be in another world…To me it’s a magical feeling.
  8. Listen To Music:- I believe Music can instantly change your mood, it can make you happy, sad, energised, relaxed, angry. Pick some relaxing music and put your feet up. I love to listen to nice mellow Jazz especially in the evening, there’s something about that type of music that just calms me and lets me melt into the sofa, try it and watch your stress float away. This point could easily be combined with a few of the other point’s listed above.
  9. Have A cuddle:- When I’m feeling stressed I do like having that extra long, extra tight cuddle from my husband, feeling his support around me make’s me feel like I can handle anything. Cuddling is known to relieve stress, it’s something to do with the feeling’s that are provoked and the intimacy of a cuddle so I’ve read. You can look online if you want a more professional explanation for how it help’s.
  10. Get Some Sleep:- With Logan teething so much lately I get quite stressed during the night trying to get him back to sleep. Sleep deprivation was once used as a form of torture, so it is only natural that a lack of sleep can trigger stress. I try to get to bed/sleep no later than 10:30-11:00 each night, sometime earlier if I’m really tired and stressed. I even nap with Logan from time to time. Getting enough sleep help’s me wake up in a better mood and with a clear mind. I also find I stress less when I have gotten a good night’s sleep.

So there you have it my top 10 ways to combat stress. I’m not a professional these are just thing’s I like to do that help my stress levels. I do advise anyone with severe stress to seek medical/professional help.

As always thank for reading and until next time.


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