Going screen free in a world full of technology.

The idea of going screen free even for a day seems crazy but there is a week in May that encourages people to go completely screen free for a week! A WHOLE WEEK!

I grew up when mobile phones weren’t main stream until I was about 15/16 years old and you weren’t one of the cool kids unless you had a Nokia 3210/3310/3410. Please please tell me you know what they look like. Don’t leave me feeling old. I even remember when you got a PC at home and got the internet and it was on dial-up! You had to ask you parents if you could use the internet because it’d tie up the phone line and they would limit you to about 30 mins because it would cost them as well.
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For my 9 almost 10-year-old step daughter this is unimaginable because she is growing up in a world where we have broadband, iPhones, laptops and in our house virgin media. Now I love having the use of my iPhone etc. I love gadgets but as for most people, money does not allow me to buy the things I really want.
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I stare at a screen quite a lot whether it be at work on the computer, now, when I’m blogging or watching a cartoon with Logan. My husband on the other hand he is by far worse than me….now,before you take this as me doing a bit of husband bashing I’m not, my husband is a web designer/developer. His jobs require him to look at screens and use Twitter and the likes but when he’s not working he is definitely guilty of being on his phone A LOT! Could I go screen free for a day? Yes I quite often do where my phone is concerned over a weekend as we’re normally busy doing one thing or another. Could my husband go screen free for a day? Definitely not especially if it was a work day. If it was a weekend? definitely not lol it’s part of who he is/what he does.
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I do find it frustrating sometimes when I’m trying to have a conversation with him or ask him a question and I get a grunt back or a “sorry darling, what did you say I wasn’t listening”. But he wouldn’t be my husband if he was any different and sure pretty sure this is true for most men.
Part of me is sad that with the world of technology we live in now my son may not choose to enjoy the kinds of childhood my husband and I grew up with, being outdoors playing and using our imagination but at the same time I’m excited about the opportunities that he will have as a result of the world we live in. I mean he already knows how to bring Siri up on our phones and delete apps from Matt’s phone.
I love technology and what it has done for us and what it will be able to do for us one day, but I also feel like it has ruined so much too. Back in the day you use to go and call for your friend and see if they where in and wanted to come out to play, and way before Phones and such people would write each other letters and notes. Now we hold conversations through Facebook or Twitter…I am guilty of both!
So could you go screen free? What are your thoughts and feelings about this? Get in touch and let me know via the comments below or via social media. I’d love to hear what people have to say.
As always Thank you so much for reading and getting in touch I really do appreciate it.
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Other people's views

  1. Maestro mummy says:

    Great post! Our 21 month old daughter is not allowed to play on our phones or iPads. As for me, I don’t know if I could go fully screen free but I try not to use it in front of my daughter. #bestandworst

    1. Sam says:

      It is very hard to give up, sometimes I wonder how I ever managed as a teenager without a iPhone lol

  2. Sarah Howe (@RunJumpScrap) says:

    Maybe you should set a challenge Sam and get a few of us to do it! I think I would really struggle to be honest!! Would have to be a weekend as no computer at work. I wonder what the future will be like for our little ones with so much technology and social media. I want to embrace it but am a tad cautious. Great post and thanks for sharing with #bestandworst xx

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