A Letter To My 16 Year Old Self

Dear Sam,

How’s it going? I’m writing to you, my 16 year old self because I wanted to share some things with you I wish I had known at 16 but instead have learned through living life. Your so carefree and happy, it’s a beautiful thing to see.

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Right now you think you know it all, you think that you know the ways of the world, that life is about being popular and having a good time. You do work hard but you need to put a little bit more effort in now. Don’t spend your life working dead-end job’s like I have with no real skills. Yes you’ll be good at what you will do because that’s you but if you want a good paying job then work the hard work now!

In a couple of years all your going to want to do is buy shoe’s, bags and clothes, you’re a girl that’s normal, but save some money, put a bit a side each month get yourself a nice little nest egg growing. Use it to buy a house. My biggest regret is not saving for a house when  I was younger, instead I went clubbing because that’s what you did….Now almost at the age of 31 I don’t own my own house and will be a long time before I do.

Don’t worry about finding Mr Right just yet enjoy Mr Right Now. Mr Right will come along when the time is right, trust me I know ( I’ll let you in on a little secret…..you’ll marry your friend Matt). Your are going to have some rubbish relationship’s but don’t worry these are going to help you learn what you want and what you deserve they will help make you strong.


Now I’m going to tell you something that you may not want to hear but if I would’ve been prepared it might have made things easier/less painful, I don’t know. But you are going to have problems having babies. It isn’t going to be something that will be easy for you. You’ll have an ectopic pregnancy followed by a miscarriage before you have a beautiful little boy. You’ll struggle mentally to deal with it and you will never get over it, but you know what that’s ok because it will make you really understand how much of a gift motherhood is and how magical being pregnant is and that being able to grow a human being from a single cell really is a miracle. I won’t lie it will change you as a person, you will lose a little bit of yourself with each pregnancy you lose but you will be a stronger person for it. You will learn the meaning of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. So as crap as it will be at the time please don’t give up hope or blame yourself, they won’t be your fault, and don’t give up on yourself. You are more capable than you realise.


Please Please start exercise regularly now, Your body will thank you for it and I will thank you for it with all the baby weight to lose.

One final thing….Love yourself!

Your 30 year old self,




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