Thinking Slimmer, Week 1

It’s the new year and everyone wants to get healthier and fit. If you have been following my posts lately you will know that getting fit and heathy is something I want to do but also something I have struggled with.

I was presented with a opportunity to try out the “Thinking Slimmer Slimpod Gold 12 week programme”

“A Slimpod is a unique voice recording you listen to for just nine minutes a day. The programme gently restrains your mind, changing the way you think about food and how you feel about yourself. From the inside, Slimpods change the outside. “

I will be honest I was intrigued and Skeptical about the whole thing, which is why I wanted to give it a try.

So I am and each week I will post an update as to how I’m getting on and what changes I see happening.

So what do you get with the Gold package:-

  • THE SLIMPOD will change the way you feel about food and yourself. You’ll want to eat less and will find yourself instinctively moving towards healthier choices and away from the unhealthy food – without even thinking about it. Your feel good factor will return and it’ll be here to stay because confidence starts in the mind.
  • THE CHILLPOD stressbuster will dramatically reduce or end emotional or comfort eating – and if sugary food and carbs are your stress response they’ll reduce, too!
  • THE FITPOD motivator empowers you to move more and enjoy exercise in a way you’ve never done before. You’ll feel energised from the inside out.
  • PLUS you get a wealth of additional benefits including education, advice and help with nutrition, eating, stress management and fitness.  You’ll enjoy the benefits of being guided gently through a three-phase programme, step by step at a pace to suit yourself. “

(The Package information has been taken directly from the site as I don’t want to give you the wrong information)

So there is some info about the package I am trying out using the Thinking Slimmer App for the iPhone.

IMG_1598 IMG_1596

How am I getting on?

I am currently on Day 6 and I am already seeing changes in my way of thinking and in things I’m eating/drinking. I am drinking way more water than I ever use to. On average I drink x3 750ml bottles of water a day, I have also started drinking tea without sugar. Now this may not seem like much but my whole entire adult life I have been drinking tea with sugar and I do find it amazing that within a couple of days of listening to the Slimpod I am drinking tea without sugar. It wasn’t even a conscious decision I was half way through a cup when I realised there was no sugar in it. So I haven’t bothered with any since.

What are my Goals?

  1. Lose weight:- I have 3 stone to lose in total so would like to drop maybe a stone and half in the 12 weeks
  2. Become healthier and fitter:- make better food choices and be more active
  3. Be happy with what I see in the mirror

My current weight and measurements?

Weight:- 12Stone 3lbs 4oz

Waist:- 33 Inches

Hips:- 43 Inches

Thighs:- 23 1/2 Inches


So that’s it for this week. If your interested in seeing what Thinking Slimmer Slimpod is all about head over to their site  and take a look.


As Always Thanks for reading. Please do get in touch via the comments below or by Social media, I will reply to everyone.



** I have received a complementary Slimpod Gold 12 Week Program for review, all thoughts are my own**


Other people's views

  1. Sim @ Sims Life says:

    Good look with SlimPod chick – I’ve heard such great things about it and if you are already drinking tea without sugar, that is a big bonus! It’s why I love my black coffee so much, always have to have 2 sugars with tea! Drink lots of water, that is my greatest tip – you seriously cannot drink enough!
    Look forward to finding out how you crack on over the 12 weeks! Sim xx

    1. Sam says:

      Thanks, yeah my water intake has been increasing as well although I haven’t drank as much water today as I have last couple of days though

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