Jelly Belly To Yummy Mummy #3

Well hello again, Welcome to Jelly Belly To Yummy Mummy #3, the 3rd post in this little weight loss journey I’m sharing with you, I hope you have been enjoying them so far…..*Waits for the loud cheers*

So a little recap on last week I found that I was struggling with the food side of things due to being out and about etc ( yes I know that these are just excuses and I could have said no to a lot of the naughty stuff) and with fitting in the strength training. If you want to read about it click here.

I can’t update you this time with my weight because I completely forgot to weigh myself and I don’t like weighing myself in the evening after I’ve eaten through the day because in general I think that you tend to weigh more than you actually are so, for me I like to weigh myself 1st thing in the morning after I’ve been to the toilet and before eating/drinking anything. If I’m being honest I don’t think I will have a loss because the food side of things is still a struggle for me. Not so much with takeaway’s but for example I have eaten a lot of Tiger bread these last few day’s. I love the stuff however if I eat too much Tiger bread, well just white bread in general, leaves me feeling bloated and sluggish.

But all is not lost I have done my 3 runs again sticking to  Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Today was the start of a new week in my running training app. So this week the programme is warm up 5 mins (As is every run, every week) then run for 1 minute 30 seconds then walk for 1 minute 30 seconds then run for 3 minutes and walk for 3 minutes. I complete this twice and then cool down for 5 mins (As is every run, every week) the warm up and cool down is walking at a brisk pace. Oddly enough I found the new programme this week easier than last week. I don’t know if I went into the run with a different mindset to last week or whether is just pure and simple stamina is increasing. Whatever it is, I’m still running 3 weeks in and still really enjoying it. I’m noticing more of a difference this week with how I feel mentally. I certainly don’t feel as stressed out and feel a lot calmer when Logan is throwing one of his many tantrums. Physically while I have been feeling bloated this last day or too my Jeans are feeling slightly baggy on my thighs which is great news as I put weight on around my thighs, bum and belly area so it great to feel it going from these areas.


Today’s run was really enjoyable this morning, went out around 9am and the sun was out, it was warm with a cool breeze and where I live it is just really pretty. The people out and about are really friendly always saying hello or good morning/evening depending on when I run.

One thing I didn’t manage this week was the strength training yet again. I just feel like I’m not making enough effort to do it and at the moment I don’t know how to change my mindset….maybe I need to get some inspiration/motivation of Pinterest or something. I also didn’t manage to get any extra walks in. Partly because the weather has been miserable with rain and partly because we have been busy going places and visiting people. I’m going to really make an effort to do some strength training this week though, I’m just not sure what day I’m going to do it though as my next runs are on Friday and Sunday and both those day’s we have stuff planned but fitting the runs in should be fairly easy if I do them in the morning before 9am. So that leave either tomorrow or Saturday for the strength training again we have stuff planned. I will say these aren’t excuses we aren’t normally this busy but Matt is off work and we have Lexi for a week so we’ve been doing stuff with her and visiting people she doesn’t always get to see when she visit’s at weekends.

I want to set some goals or expectations ready for next Wednesday when I do the next post but I don’t want to keep putting the same thing down each week.

  1. Food is definitely a must that I need to sort out because like the saying goes you can’t out run a bad diet.
  2. I need to change my mindset with regards to strength training so maybe I need to think about looking at it in the same way as running…..Do I really want to do another update where I yet again haven’t done any weights? The answer is no. So maybe I need to think right I have got to do this today because I’m blogging about it. I do this on the days where I don’t run because I want to be lazy.
  3. And I think for this one is that I need to do/take more photo’s for the post…I’m currently really rubbish at this.

What do you tend to struggle with the most? Do you find your really good with working out but rubbish with food or even visa versa? Get in touch and let me know I’m really interested to see how you guy’s do.

As always thank you for taking the time to read this I really appreciate it and always love reading your comments.

Until next time…


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