Jelly Belly To Yummy Mummy #27

So you’ll remember last week I mentioned that I had planned to workout and take a bath etc on the Friday night, Well that didn’t go to plan and ended up doing it Saturday evening instead. On top of the walking I had done it was the only workout I had managed. But I made sure that it was a good one.

You all will have read at one point or another that I love working out and getting really sweaty and doing interval stuff. So my work out choice was the Jillian Micheal 30 Day shred DVD at level 1. Surprisingly I didn’t have to stop, I managed to push through the intense and very hard 20 minutes and at the end I was dripping…. See for yourself….

IMG_1670 I’m not going to lie I couldn’t be bothered to take off my days make up before working out when I was going to be getting in the bath after to wash all the sweat off.

I also managed to get in another 30 day shred session this morning before breakfast. Which I did wonder that was the right decision the minute I started the warm up, but again I managed to complete the work out without stopping. It’s great to see that my stamina has improved since the last time I did this and as my actual work out have been a bit erratic, I’m putting down the increased stamina being a result of walking to and from work 5 days a week.

IMG_1673 There is the start of some arm definition there but still a long way to go before I lose those bingo wings.

This week it would be nice to get in at least another 2 work outs. Maybe a full on cardio like Zumba or a run and maybe some Pilates.

I have felt so good today after working out that I’m hoping I can work out again this week in the morning. I don’t know if this is just me or if it’s the same for everyone but working out in the morning is a battle between getting up and getting it done or staying in my nice warm bed.

I’ve managed to quite enjoy drinking Green Tea to point where this last week it has been my go to hot beverage of choice. I can’t say I have noticed any benefits from drinking it, I guess only time will tell on that front. My water intake has also picked back up these last few days also. Food, well that’s the same as always, trying to balance a little of what you fancy with the healthy stuff. Speaking of which….today I haven’t felt massively hungry and only eaten to that basis. This evening after eating my dinner I do feel rather bloated. So I think I need to re-evaluate how much I eat of an evening to avoid the bloating and in the meantime I think a peppermint tea will is in order this evening.

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