Jelly Belly To Yummy Mummy #21

Firstly let me start of by Saying I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.

If your christmas has been anything like mine, it has been full of food, more to the point full of chocolate. I always get bought Chocolate at christmas and to me, Chocolate is part of Christmas. I love chocolate. Sometimes a little too much. But by the time Christmas is over and we’re approaching New Year’s Eve I’m sick of it. I love this about me because I can go into the new year craving all the really healthy stuff and get into good habits.

I’m particularly looking forward to 2016 mainly because it is exciting to think about what the year has to offer for me, and also because I want to see how I will be with me new approach to health and fitness because I want to prove to myself that, you know what I can do this and I am capable of doing this, I can make the right choices 80% of the time and still have a bit of indulgence.

As I mention last week I wasn’t going to try to fit in any workout’s over the Christmas week, purely because I honestly didn’t think I could and I didn’t want the pressure on myself. Christmas week was rather busy to say the least with Prepping for Christmas and visiting people and people visiting us I just didn’t even think about it. And to be honest that was really nice to be able to just enjoy myself.

So what is the plan of attack moving forward?? Well obviously I don’t want to change my approach to my health and fitness in terms of putting pressure on myself to workout and eat right all the time but at the same time I know I have completely over indulged over Christmas, who hasn’t right? and I need to shift some of that indulgence. So My first port of call is to eat all of my chocolate. Now I know your sat there saying you don’t have to eat it all, give it to other people, share it, etc…I know these are all very sensible solutions but I love chocolate and I want to enjoy what I have left and besides there isn’t a lot left.

My husband and I always fancy eating a little bit lighter for a short spell after all the rich foods of christmas so we tend to have more salads. But this year I’m feeling a little inspired after cooking the different vegetable’s for Christmas dinner, and definitely want to take some of that forward into the new year, not just for lunches/dinners but also the idea of healthier breakfast are becoming more appealing, like omelets for breakfast or fruit with some great yoghurt.

As for working out well that again I want to carry on with the new approach I’ve been taking which is to build up the amount I do and to mix it up keep my body guessing but to also enjoy it and to keep the motivation there.

I’m going to leave it here because quite frankly there’s not really much more I can say.

So as always Thank you for reading, Please do get in touch, either comment below or get in touch via Social Media. I will reply to everyone.


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Other people's views

  1. Charlotte says:

    It seems like a sound plan! I am definitely feeling stuffed after all of the Christmas festivities (predominantly drinking and eating!) #MeMyselfandI

    1. Sam says:

      Thanks I don’t want to be unrealistic I need to make small changes and progress from there.

  2. Hannah Clarke says:

    Sounds like you’re on track! I’ve piled on puffiness through not moving much thanks to pain and eating too much thanks to Christmas greed! I’m cutting out carbs in the evening and having a larger lunch with a smaller supper. Obviously not going to diet, just want to eat better given that I’m struggling to exercise xx

    1. Sam says:

      Bless ya, towards the end with Logan it was painful walking any distance got to point where I couldn’t ever get comfortable and ended up just sitting on the sofa in the end. Not so easy with a toddler though.

  3. Rachel Bitmead says:

    I love chocolate too, i honestly could not give my chocolate away lol! I like the way you said about making the right choices 80% of the time, at least your being realistic! I enjoy omelettes for breakfast, they keep me full for hours! Thank you for linking up to #memyselfandi. Rachel xx

    1. Sam says:

      Thanks. Yeah I think when we come to do our first food shop for the new year We’ll sit down and say right what do we want to eat what are we likely to eat and go from there.

  4. Laura's Lovely Blog says:

    I love chocolate too and I think part of Christmas of having some yummy food. My plan next week is to get all of the bad food out of the house and get back to losing weight and healthier eating. Sounds like you have a great plan to get yourself back on track. Thanks for linking up to #memyselfandI

    1. Sam says:

      Thank you. Yeah I hoping that now everyone is back to normal with work and school etc I can get back into a routine. the only naughty stuff in the house is the kids chocolate, and we bought lots of fresh fruit and veg too. I also want to increase my water intake as my eczema on my hands has flared up.

  5. Mummymelton says:

    Your goals sound great and realistic. I think mixing it up is a fantastic idea, then you don’t get bored too. Look forward to following how you get on. Thanks for joining #memyselfandi

    1. Sam says:

      Thanks, I am determind to make a change this year, I want to be healthy and hopefully the weightloss will be a result of that.

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