Jelly Belly To Yummy Mummy #20

It’s nearly Christmas whoop whoop!

So this last week has been a good week really in terms of how I feel mentally and emotionally. Workout wise has been ok only managed 2 work outs but I made sure I pushed myself and worked my butt off.

In Last week’s post I was saying how much weight I felt had been lifted since I had changed my attitude and approach to my health and fitness, well this week I just feel amazing mentally and emotionally. I genuinely feel really chilled out, relaxed and happy despite all the stresses that come with Christmas.

So this last week workout’s have been an improvement. I did a Kettlebell/body weight strength training session in my living room at 5:50am thanks to my darling son refusing to go back to sleep. So while the hubs said with him trying to get him to sleep I worked out ( I will point out that Logan had been awake from like 2:30-3:00am). I was really pleased with myself for making this effort because normally I would’ve laid in bed not getting sleep while trying to sleep. Instead I made the decision to just get on.  I had planned to work out again this Friday just gone but the weekend turned out to be pretty busy so I decided to wait until yesterday and I’m glad I did because I had an urge to go for a run. To get out in the fresh air and push myself. So that’s what I did. I went running. I will make it clear that I haven’t been running since I had my shin splints which was months ago. I decided to take the walk/run approach but to go on my bodies feelings rather than follow an app. To my surprised I did better than I thought and felt amazing.

Oops still had full face of makeup on

Oops still had full face of makeup on            

The Blury action shot

The Blurry action shot


Post shower, skin feels amazing

Food well I’ve not been good but it’s christmas and I want to enjoy myself, it’s that simple. I deal with the aftermath in January.

With Regards to this week I don’t think I am even going to attempt to fit a workout in. Purely because I have so much house work to do before Christmas and then with Christmas itself I will just be busy and I don’t want to put any added pressure on myself. I’m sure there is someone out there that will read this and think what a load of BS! just make time and their right I could probably make time, but I don’t want the added stress.

Anyway that’s it for this weeks folks.

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