Jelly Belly To Yummy Mummy #2

So we’re back again for Jelly Belly to Yummy Mummy saga if you like if you didn’t get to read the first installment you can read it here. It has been a tough week if I’m being honest with regards to food. I started out being careful how much I ate and what I ate and I dropped 2 lbs this for me was fantastic really helped with the motivation, I completed my 3 runs for that week, (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday)but towards the end of the week it just went down the pan for want of a better word. We have had so many takeaways around the weekend it is ridiculous. Saturday was the hardest day as we were out all day for my  stepdaughter’s trampolining competition and Presentation. (You can read about it here.) Anyway with us out all day and evening it meant having a Maccy D’s at lunch and then a lot of party food in the evening…I’m sure you can guess what happened to those 2 lbs I lost….Yep you guessed it I gained them right back, Excellent!

I am however determined to make up for it though Yesterday the hubby and I took the little man for a 60 minute walk in the evening which was lovely despite it being really sticky and muggy. I also started my 2nd week of running today on my running app and have been watching what I eat and how much I eat so I’m hoping that this week will see a weight loss. Now I also said last week that I wanted to run 3x per week and do a couple of strength training sessions well that didn’t happen last week partly out of laziness and partly because we have been so busy. So this week I’m going to be a bit more realistic I want to do my 3 runs and that feels like it will be pretty easy to make happen as I have the app and of course I will need to update you next week with how I got on plus I’ve been really enjoying the runs, and I want to aim for one strength training session with the kettlebell and then anything more than that will be a bonus and I’ll be really happy.

Now I said last week that I was only to post pics once a month but the other day Matt told me that he noticed that I looked slimmer and I had a family member say the same thing so today after my run I decided to take pics again and when I looked back at last weeks there is a difference, now it could be that the running has improved my posture or that I have lost some fat or something but it is definitely spurring me to carry on. Below you can see last week’s and this weeks pics side by side.


15th July 2015

22nd July 2015

22nd July 2015

15th July 2015

15th July 2015

22nd July 2015

22nd July 2015

So as you can see for yourself there has definitely been a change with my body and whatever is the reason for it I’m loving it. Onwards and Upwards as they say.

Looking at these pictures I can’t wait to see what the difference will be in a month’s time especially if I can get into the habit of adding a couple of strength training session in each week.

There’s not really much more I can update with this week, the only other thing I can add is that I’m really looking forward to my next run on Friday, Which I’ve noticed has happened very quickly, with regards to going for the runs I don’t dread them at all. I do wish those that I could get up early in the morning and go for the run as it’s so peaceful that time of day round here. Makes me appreciate everything so much more when it’s that early.

Anyway thanks for reading as always and I do hope you’ll look forward to reading the next installment of Jelly Belly to Yummy Mummy.

Till next time Sam.

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  1. Rachel @ tenminutesspare says:

    well done you!! It isn’t all that easy finding time for 3 runs a week… Well not in my experience with little ones taking up lots of time. It sounds like you have plenty of determination and a sensible goal amount of exercise. I’m sure you’ll inspire plenty of others too. Looking fab in your pictures too!

    1. Sam says:

      Thank you very much for the compliment I really appreciate it. It has been hard some days and to fit it in has taken some juggling and forcing myself up and out but I’m always glad I’ve done it during the run and especially after the run.

  2. Hannah Budding Smiles says:

    Well done you for getting out on those walks and runs! There’s a real marked difference in those pics isn’t there? I hope you’re feeling good!xx

    1. Sam says:

      Thanks Hannah, Yeah I was really surprised at the difference there was so soon I’m hoping that it will keep going that way. Still struggling to want to fit in the strength training though, which is odd because I do love weights especially my kettlebell.

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