Jelly Belly To Yummy Mummy #18

I’m back after having some time off thanks to the flu bug that has been going round. Both myself and Logan have been full of it over the last 3 + weeks and of course Logan has also been teething….It’s been great fun in our house….Not!

So you may recall in my last Jelly Belly To Yummy Mummy Post I was a bit brutally honest with how things had been going or lack of, and that all motivation had left me. I also said that I had planned to make a change to working out 3 times a week no excuses. Well my immune system had other Ideas. Within days of posting that I was ill.

I have spent these last few weeks taking the time to get better and to reassessĀ things a little. It went as far as contemplating ending the Jelly Belly series and doing more of a well-being type post or something, and to be honest I’m still not sure what my plans are for this series of posts. But for now I’ll keep rolling with them.

After being ill for so long and being so fed up I found myself naturally wanting to be well enough to work out. I seemed to have got my motivation back, but not just for weight loss but for my wellbeing too (My Emotional and Mental health) before, I was fixated on trying to lose weight and I slowly stopped enjoying working out and I lost my motivation. I want to approach it as taking care of myself in all aspects of health and if the weight comes off great.

Yesterday after a long day in Loughborough for my Step-daughters trampoline Competition (Which she came 1st in BTW) I decided that it was the day I was going to get my 1st workout in. I decided Zumba was the way to go I love doing it, it’s so much fun. However I listened to my body and instead of over doing it and doing the full 45 minutes I did 20 minutes and I did work up a sweat. I did however have to buy a new sports bra last night online which arrived today ready for my next work out.

Post Zumba work out, So sweaty my hair has stuck to my jaw

One thing that I do want to try to do moving forward is to keep mixing it up with each session, I definitely want to add either more yoga or Pilates to my work outs maybe both. I don’t want to put the same pressure on myself as I did before. I also know after taking such a hit with the flu I will have to build up my stamina and fitness levels again.

I really want to make this stick I want a healthy life style with a bit of indulgence now and again and I want Logan to grow up knowing what being healthy looks like or at least have an understanding of looking after yourself.

I’m sorry I have been so absent but I am back.

As always thank you for reading, Please feel free to get in touch, I love hearing from you whether it’s in the comments below or via social media. I will respond to everyone.


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  1. Sarah Howe (@RunJumpScrap) says:

    Woop woop! Keep going and well done for getting started again. Flipping cold lasted forever x

    1. Sam says:

      I know feeling much better now though. Still got a tickly cough but otherwise feel way better

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