Jelly Belly To Yummy Mummy #12

Hello and welcome back for Jelly Belly To Yummy Mummy.

So I’ve been doing these post’s now for about 3 months and I have to say I am annoyed at myself, yes on the exercise front I have been doing quite well up until I got the shin splints and now trying to get back into working out again. Diet wise I have been lazy and quite frankly appalling. I’ve been saying week on week that I want to improve my diet but I haven’t made any real effort to change.

This weekend has been bad yet again, we ended up having a takeaway at the in-laws Friday night because we were picking up my Step-daughter and my husband thought it’d be a nice treat for everyone. Then saturday because we were doing a food shop during the day we decided to get a Burger King, (I already feel sick and disgusted with myself) Sunday we have chicken pasta. So overall another bad weekend.

Since last week’s post where I mentioned that I did the 30 day shred and then walked home from town the only other workout I did was a Kettlebell workout of my own on thursday which was about 30mins in total including my warm up and cool down.

 you can see a little bit of definition on my arms but I really want to get these arms slimmer and a lot more toned ( especially the bingo wing’s )

 My trusty work out gear is just so comfy, it’s nothing fancy.

Below you can see the comparison of last weeks figures compared to this weeks.

Last Week’s weight:- 11 st 13 lbs

Last Week’s measurements:-

Thighs:- 23 Inches

Hips:- 43 Inches

Waist:- 35 Inches

Arms:- 13 Inches

Current weight:- 12 st 0 lbs

Current measurements:-

Thighs:- 23 Inches

Hips:- 43 Inches

Waist:- 35 Inches

Arms:- 13 Inches

In all I have gained a pound and my measurements have stayed the same. So not bad but not great either.

If I’m being honest earlier this evening I ended up getting quite emotional and ended up crying to my hubby because I just feel so frustrated with myself. We got really lazy with cooking and even the food we’ve been buying, and my hubby being the man that he is has said that we will start buying more fruits and veg and have more salads and with winter coming we’ll have more homemade stews and just generally eat better. He told me that he has noticed he has started putting the weight on and let me tell you, for my husband losing weight is really easy for him. If he eats good the weight just drops off him and that’s without out exercising, me I only have to look at a piece of cake and I’ve gained like 6lbs. Matt is really supportive when I ask him to be but at the same time we both have an ability to make the other person cave in. But I think after seeing how upset I have got this evening, I think he really want’s to help me. He has even noticed that I’ve not been working out as much as when I was running and suggested that I get my fitness Dvd’s out and do those while I’m not running.

Just while on the subject of working out and fitness Dvd’s. One thing I know I’m bad at is when it comes to winter I don’t particularly like going out in the cold or the dark. (The dark thing is just a safety thing for me) It’s not even winter yet but the fact that it’s still darkish at 6:30am now I struggle to want to get up and work out in the morning. How do you guys do it? or do you work out in the evening? Which is another thing that I’m going to have work my exercise around as I’m about to start and evening job for couple hours a week 4 nights a week.

Last week I felt so motivated to get back to working out and today, I’m struggling to feel motivated I think part of it is that I’m not feeling myself and the fact that I have fallen out of the routine of working out and because of my own fault I’ve not seen any results. I’m just struggling lately and it’s hard to find a balance with everything and I’m struggling to know where to start with everything.

I would love it if you had any similar stories your happy to share that I could read. If you would like to get in touch please do so. Feel free to leave comments below or via social media.

As always thank’s for reading and until next time



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Other people's views

  1. Kirsty from Hijacked By Twins says:

    Sorry to read you have had a bad week. Sometimes you need a really bad week to give you that kick start you needed to get going again. Hope you have a better week x #WeighInWednesday

    1. Sam says:

      Thank you, Yeah I have struggled a bit but I hoping this coming week will be better as we bought some healthy food last night ready for this coming week although, it’s my birthday tomorrow so the weekend might be a little indulgent.

  2. Rachel @ tenminutesspare says:

    Sorry you’ve had a bit of a tough week, although you should feel proud that you have managed to do any kind of workout as a busy Mum. The winter is tough and I am a less enthusiastic runner in the cold and dark!! Is there a local group you could join maybe for a bit of encouragement and motivation perhaps? #fitnessfriday

    1. Sam says:

      I’ve not looked to be honest. I’m same soon as it get cold an dark I just want to stay in and do workout dvd’s. I think I just need to find my groove/flow/routine again. The hubs is away for part of the week so hopefully once the boy is in bed I can stick a workout Dvd on without any distraction etc.

  3. Sim @ Sims Life says:

    Definite definition chick – it is really paying off for you. However, you really shouldn’t feel guilty a all, you are allowed a treat – you and your body deserve it every so often otherwise you will start to resent your journey. I tend to go to the gym after the morning school run and jump on the bike throughout the day. By the time my daughter is in bed, I just want to crash out. Trying easing yourself back into your routine – not easy with shin splints but you will easily get yourself back on track. Thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday – hope to see you this week! Sim x

    1. Sam says:

      Thanks, I have been a bit better with food this week, although I’ve decided I’m not going to do a Jelly Belly post this week as with my birthday this weekend just past and with Logan teething badly I just haven’t had the energy to try and attempt a work out and as a result I didn’t want to post a load of waffle. So I think I’m going to look at next week as a fresh start and go from there.

  4. Mummymelton says:

    Sorry to hear you are struggling. Hope this week has been a little bit better. Take care & thanks for linking up to #FitnessFriday

    1. Sam says:

      Thank you, I’m sure I will get there again. Hoping to do a bit of cycling this coming week, hopefully the fresh autmum air will refresh me abit

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