Jelly Belly To Yummy Mummy #1

I’m sure I’m like most mothers especially 1st time mothers where you’ve lost the 1st chunk of baby weight but still have some to go and despite wanting to lose the weight there is just no motivation to get you going. This is me! I’m not a fitness fanatic but I do enjoy working out and getting sweaty. I’ve never really been into fad diets or anything like that, I love food far too much. The only time I went on a diet which was basically watching what I ate and exercised portion control was running up to my wedding. It’s amazing how much motivation fitting into your wedding dress will give you.

Anyway I’ve been, if I’m being honest a bit of a yo-yo exerciser since 2011. I’ve never really been able to just do it forever, which is crazy really because they say it takes something like 21 days to form a habit, and I struggle, I always find some excuse not to do it. Like back in 2013 end of July I started doing Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and I got to-day 15 and I stopped because that evening we were going to our local beer fest and I originally thought I would have time to workout, shower and get ready as it was I didn’t, we had a friend coming to ours within 10 minutes of us getting home and after that I just stopped. Then in the september I fell pregnant and was too exhausted to do anything other than sleep when I wasn’t at work. Even after we got married in 2011 I decided to give running a try using a running app as I had never been a good runner and I got to 4 weeks of running 3 x a week and then the snow and ice started and once again I stopped.

So as you can see I always start with the best intentions but always let myself down. While I was pregnant I have to say I was extremely naive with regards to working out post baby. I had got it in my head that by the time Logan turned 1 I was going to have lost all the weight I had put on during the pregnancy and the extra I was all ready needing to lose before I was pregnant, so in total I had something like 5 stone to lose and I was going to do this through breast-feeding and working out. Well I only managed breast-feeding for just over 4 weeks as Logan wasn’t settled with it, he was constantly hungry and while I had a good supply I don’t think the quality of it was good enough for him, and as for the exercise well I ended up having an emergency C-Section so that meant no working out for at least 8 weeks and of course during the 1st week my incision split open slightly so that pushed it to more like 9 weeks and it wasn’t till Logan was like 6 months that I was ready in myself to work out. And I did. I asked Matt for a 8kilo kettlebell for Xmas and I used it for quite a while and dropped from a size 18 to a size 14….I was finally back in my pre pregnancy clothes well most of them any way, and then I fell out of the routine of doing it after getting ill.

Since then I have done the odd workout but nothing stuck. So here we are. I have decided that I will document my fitness/weight loss of the remaining weight I have to lose and hopefully this will keep me motivated to work out and lose the weight.

I’m thinking of making this like a little mini series maybe with a post a week as an update with what I have been up to workout wise and where I’m at with my weight.

Size 14 weight 12 stone July 2015

Size 14 weight 12 stone July 2015


And maybe once a month I’ll include images of how my body looks to see any physical changes. Ideally I’d like to workout 5 days a week doing maybe 3 days of cardio like running and 2 days of strength training maybe using my body weight as resistance and using the Kettlebell. Now I know this is a little adventurous to say 5 days and this week I may only manage 3-4 days but anything has got to be better than nothing right?

As I mentioned before I did a bit of running couple years ago and once I got into it I loved it, I love the feeling I got at the end of it and I loved having the time to clear my head. I also love running to music, Loud music, and for me my go to album choice for running is Eminem’s Recovery album. There’s something about it that fires me up and really pushes me and keeps me going. Today I did a run using the Get running app ( as I’ve said before I’m not a good runner and this helps) it’s basically one of those couch to 5k running apps. Anyway once I had finished my run in the sun I forgot how much I enjoy running, I love that all you really need is some comfy work out clothes a good sports bra and trainers and in my case my iPhone and headphones for music and app.

So there it is the start of making myself accountable for my weight loss, am I determined? yes. Do I have motivation? at the moment yes but when I falter I hope I’ll find it from you guys.

If you have any tips on staying motivated or what workouts you did to lose the weight and tone up please let me know I need all the help I can get lol.

So once again thank you for reading please get in touch with your stories I look forward to reading any comments. And of course watch this space for updates.


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  1. Leslie says:

    I found having w jars and marbles is good for motivatiin. Hqve enough marbles for every lb you want to lose and mark the jars as ‘lbs lost’ and ‘lbs to lose’ every time you lose a lb, move a marble into the lost jar. You wont want to move them back to the other jar and its a good visual aid to constantly see your progress

    1. Sam says:

      Thanks I might look at doing something like that

  2. sadie says:

    I found it much harder to lose weight (well get motivated to lose weight) after my first. You are in a haze of emotions getting used to a new person, you initially lose the bulk of the bump then water weight then a bit more bump and I don’t know about you this happens so quickly I feel great going from whale to cow (lactating cow as well).

    My biggest problem was other people, everyone saying I’d never lose the weight so don’t bother trying or I didn’t need to try and could eat what I wanted because I was breastfeeding – this was bull!

    Take photos of yourself, this is great motivation as you lose get fit, you may not lose weight every week, some weeks you may put it on but your body will slim down and it will be noticeable. I used to put away a £ for a lb then when I reached my target weight I had £32 to spend on a treat.

    I did home work outs when my babies are in bed as well as interval running when I don’t have time to run a long distance. If you aren’t a runner then you will be surprised how quickly you improve doing the couch to 5K. You will be very proud of yourself, I know I was when I did my first 5K without stopping. And remember to enjoy it, it is your journey, no one elses so although listen to advice, make sure you do what you want to do and don’t compete. There is such a thing as Healthy, fun weight loss and it gives you more energy running around after the little one.
    I find only weights – like kettlebells- will shift fat for me and you can’t out train a bad diet so try to eat foods that are packed with good vitamins and minerals and protein – also don’t be scared of good fats like nuts, olive oil, avocados etc-
    Sorry for the essay. Will be following with interest and lots of ‘you go girl!’ x x x

    1. Sam says:

      Thank you so much for such a lovely comment. It has definitely given me some more oomph to kick my fats ass so to speak. I never had people tell me not to bother. So I’m lucky in that way I just find it hard to say no to cakes etc. lol but I’m hoping that as I eat better and workout more that it will become easier to say no more lol thank you again for such lovely comments

  3. Jooleroo | Mama OWL Blog says:

    Good for you, I wish you lots of luck reaching your goals. I did the same thing starting back in January and I’ve never looked back – I feel amazing! #bloggingtojogging

    1. Sam says:

      Thanks, Blogging about it has helped a lot there have been day’s where I’ve not wanted to run because I’ve been tired from a bad night with the boy but knowing that I’m blogging my progress each week has help keep me motivated.

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