Removing The Build Up of Hair dye

So as you have probably seen from pictures that I have upload that I have quite dark hair. My Hair is naturally brown but from dying my hair like every other month with chocolate browns or the odd red colour my hair just ended up looking black and no matter what colour I dyed it, it just look the same.

So I decided that I would try a colour remover to remove the build of hair dye. So I went and bought the B4 colour remover from Amazon. I bought it in the extra strength because of how dark my hair was. I also bought a temporary dye just incase I ended up with orange hair as a result of the dyes that I had use.

Before using the product I had read the reviews and read the FAQ’s and to be honest was a little skeptical as to whether it would work and how well it would work.

This is the result after using the product……

 as you can see the dye was removed…well the majority of it was removed and I was left with orange hair. This was fine as I expected this to happen with dying it chocolate browns and reds and using XXL dyes which it does state that XXL dyes can be unpredictable and red dye can cause staining in the hair cuticle from being lightened and then dyed red or words to that effect. Do not quote me.

So I decided that I would leave it for the day after following the process to see if it would go darker as this can also happen. which it didn’t so in the evening I dyed my hair a light brown temporary dye starting with the roots first as they were the lightest.  The result was darker than the box which again is explained that it could happen. But overall the result was fine and I know it will fade.


The Result…..please excuse the poor photo and the miserable look on my face. It’s late

IMG_1491  At the moment it looks like it did before. But I’m hoping it will fade more yet.

One thing that I would do if I do it again is buy 2 boxes and do 2 applications as the ends still had some dye on it  but was lighter, baring in mind the ends were almost black!

The other thing that I noticed is the condition of my hair since doing it. It feels so soft. the product not only remove dye build up but the build up of hair products that shampoo just hasn’t been removing. I have on some days just used shampoo and my hair still feels like I have conditioned it. But I know this may not be the case for everyone.

My overall verdict is that it is definitely worth buying if you want to remove dye build up but make sure you read the instructions and don’t expect miracles depending on dyes etc used. For me it has made a difference and I will probably do it again in a month or less just to remove all the build up completely, because as I said before some dye was left.

That’s all folks,

As always thank you for reading and please do get in touch via Social media or in the comments I will reply to everyone.


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