Getting Organised in 2016 With Stick To Stigu

One of the goals I have for 2016 is to take my blog to the next level and be more organised with posting blogs etc.

A friend pointed me in the direction of Stick To Stigu and that they were looking for bloggers to review their new 2016 planner. So I thought why not and just in time for the new year.

This is what they say about Stigu:-

what or who is Stigu? To be honest we are not quite sure – we don’t even know if ‘it’ is male or female…so let’s dig deeper.

Is Stigu:

  • A Guru? Absolutely not.
  • A therapist? Not that evolved!
  • Perfect? Far from it…
  • Have all the answers? No.
  • A juggler? Absolutely yes. “

IMG_1558 So this isn’t just any old Planner, No, it is a calendar, a notebook, a to-do-pad, a rest and zest hand book and an organiser all in one handy book.

One of the things I love about this planner is that every week there is a new practice from Stigu to help you rest and zest. They are also a great source of Blogging inspiration. Watch this space. I also love that each month there is a different theme to the layout of the calendar, so there are different shades of blues used and the days vary from circles and squares.

I love that each week Stigu is doing something different. The way it’s laid out is that you have a whole page each week for notes/to-do lists/blogging inspiration etc and then on the page next to it is the week to view on one page.

I’m not going to flood this post with lots of images because I want you to go look for yourself lol that and mine has personal info written all over it. Lol.

Where can you get Stigu? well you can visit their site directly over at Stick to Stigu or you can get of from Amazon.

They are currently doing a launch offer where if you sign up to Stigu you will get 30% off the retail price (incl. free delivery in the UK when you shop and claim your discount at Stigu Ltd/Amazon.)

I will be doing a second post later in the year with an update on how I’m getting on with Stick To Stigu.

As always Thanks for reading. Please get in touch via the comments below or via social media and I will reply to every one of you.



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