Getting Educated!

One of my biggest regrets in life is that I didn’t follow through/continue with my higher education. Since then I haven’t really had a ‘career’ so to speak. I’ve had jobs some lasted longer than others and it was always whatever I could get to pay bills. Yes I’m aware that’s why most people work, to pay the bills, but for me, it was never something that I felt like I had contributed to anything. ┬áSo I’m getting Educated!

I Need More….

Since having my two children, I realise that I need more for myself, I need my brain to be engaged and I want to learn/do something interesting. So I have become a part-time student, I have just started doing a diploma in Digital Marketing, it’s an online course that I can do at my own pace.

Getting Geeky….

While my blogging hasn’t been consistent lately and while I don’t pull in the high numbers, the process of promoting blog post’s etc is extremely fascinating to me. There’s a whole world of SEOs and SEMs, pay-per-clicks to name a few and how that all works with marketing products/services etc is interesting and albeit a little bit geeky…

Yes, I am releasing my inner geek. I quite often refer to my husband (to his face) as a geek because of his web design/development job. Not in a negative way but in a funny loving way. Now I find myself learning something that could be seen as equally geeky and I love it.

Learning, Learning, Learning….

While I am loving the learning process and learning something completely new and outside of my comfort zone. There is also something equally exciting and scary about it.

It has taken most of my adult life to find something I really want to learn/do. I want to help make a difference to my family and I want my kids to grow up knowing ur never too old to learn something new, that you should never be afraid to try something new either.

It’s Harder Now….

One thing I know for certain is that it is much harder to learn new skills as you get older. I need to work my butt off to make sure I get my diploma and to make I do well at it. It is going to take a lot of hard work and determination but I know I will get there.

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