The Boy Takes A Selfie

I don’t really think I need to say much on this except….This is the boy’s selfie a few weeks back.

This makes me smile so much. My favourite picture of him.

Run Jump Scrap!

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  1. Lisa Backsnbumps says:

    Lovely picture e looks so pleased with himself 🙂 #throwbackthursday

    1. Sam says:

      I know He loves to get his hands on mine or Matt’s iPhone’s and loves looking at himself. He’s such a poser

  2. Wander Mum says:

    They just love the camera don’t they? Expect plenty more. My daughter is addicted!! #throwbackthursday

    1. Sam says:

      Yeah He loves playing with our phones and know’s how to bring siri up and take pictures lol

  3. Pickinguptoys says:

    Well if you’re gonna take a selfie might as well do it in style lol x #throwbackthursdays

    1. Sam says:

      I know, He kept getting me to put his hat on and then he kept taking it off so I could put it on and when He saw himself that was it.

  4. alan herbert says:

    Now that’s a selfie. Great pic.


    1. Sam says:

      I know right? My selfie’s never come out that good

  5. Helen Gandy says:

    Love it…such a cheeky face, I found a few of Alfie on my phone hehe, they are monkeys! Thanks for linking up #throwbackthursday 🙂

    1. Sam says:

      They most certainly are monkey’s. It’s funny how quickly they pick these things up. In a couple years Logan will be showing me how to do something on the laptop. lol

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