The Boy and His Love For Books

I love to read, especially in bed. I don’t read as much as I should/want to just because of sheer exhaustion from Logan teething or whatever the reason was for him to wake in the night. I’m currently in the process of reading ‘To Kill A Mocking Bird’ I did start this a while ago but have had a few rough weeks on and off with Logan teething and cutting molars, But I’m starting to get into it and am really enjoying it.

Logan has never been a child to sit sill and look at something or play with something, he’s always on the go. But recently this has changed. Along with lots of other things. I wrote about this last week in Lots of Changes Happening.  Anyway he has started to sit down and play with his toys and look at his books which before would never happen and to him all a book was good for was chewing.

So when we found that Logan has a love for Spot the Dog books and the Dear Zoo book I was thrilled. These where some of my favourite books as a child and to know my son is getting to experience them as well is just fantastic.

It all started when my mother-in-law found a book she passed over to Lexi my stepdaughter years ago. The book was ‘Spot goes to the circus’. Now this book is old it was either bought when my hubby was a child or years later for his sister I’m not sure, it has seen better days with some of the flaps sellotaped down, but Logan does not care he just loves the story and lifting the flaps.

I decided with his new-found love I would get him a couple more books, so last weekend while out for the day we bought ‘Dear Zoo’ and ‘Where’s Spot’ which he loves. So much so he gets excited when I get them out and when it’s time to put them away he will start to cry for a couple of seconds until the next thing takes his interest.  He has learnt that you need to lift the flaps, so while either myself of Matt read the story he will lift the flap up.

Mummy and Logan looking for Spot while daddy takes pictures

Mummy and Logan looking for Spot while daddy takes pictures

This has probably now one of my favourite things to do with Logan at the moment. I can not wait till he is a bit older and can understand more so I can read him ‘The Hobbit’ this was a favourite of mine as a child. My mum would read a chapter or so a night to me and my brother, we would all climb into my brothers bed and snuggle up to my mum while she read us the story. It is something I hope do with Logan.

Reading is such an important thing to have in our lives and also such a wonderful thing too. I love a variety of genres. I did a post a while back about my favourite pastimes and it goes into detail about why I love to read. if you haven’t read it yet go check it out. It also includes my Bucket list for books.

So with that I will leave you in peace.

As always thank you for reading, I really do appreciate it, If you want to get in touch please do, you can either leave a comment below, use the contact form or you can get in touch via Twitter and Facebook. I will reply back to everyone.

Thank you again



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Other people's views

  1. Laura@raisingelves says:

    My girls are avid readers too. We just love the library. It’s one of our favourite weekly trips.

    1. Sam says:

      We’ve not been to the Library yet as we have so many books at home

  2. Min says:

    Logan sounds a lot like my son. Until recently, books were only for chewing, but now he has finally started to take an interest in them. Mainly an interest in turning the pages, to be honest, but an interest nevertheless.

    1. Sam says:

      Yeah some days he just wants to just turn the pages rather than let me read him the stories

  3. Ashleigh says:

    I wish my little boy would sit down for a story. All i get is him trying to turn the page before i finish reading it. #bestandworst

    1. Sam says:

      Logan doesn’t always want to sit and read but it is an improvement.

  4. Helen Gandy says:

    Ahh Sam this is a lovely post, I agree with you about reading, it’s so important. My son loves his books, he has so many….he’s a bit of a bookworm like me I think! Thanks for sharing with the #bestandworst xxx

    1. Sam says:

      Thanks Helen. Yeah I do hope his love goes with him and he enjoys books as much as I do.

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