When You Have To Take Your Child To A&E!!!

So as parents we do everything we possibly can to protect our children from harm, whether that be physical, emotional or mental harm. Today I felt guilty and like I failed to protect my child from Harm.
The day had started out fairly well considering how things have been for the last few months, Logan didn’t wake up til around 5:30am and had slept through the night for the 3rd or 4th night in a row. we’d spent part of the morning playing and the rest he napped while I had a sleepy cuddle with him. He’d been fairly fussy with lunch only wanting to eat fruit and a yoghurt. This has been down to him teething.
The afternoon was partly spent playing followed by some painting or at least trying to get Logan interested in it he doesn’t like his hand getting dirty). After about half an hour I had to get him bathed so I would have time to get ready for work. And it was after his bath that all hell broke lose so to speak…….
So around 3:30ish give or take Logan is playing in the living room running up and down as he usually does with no issues as such, today however he tripped and while he does trip over from time to time, I meant what toddler doesn’t, today he tripped and whacked his head on the corner of the Filling Cabinet, it was the loudest crash/bang I’d heard come from him and this was promptly followed by him screaming and crying his eyes out.
At first I though it was the usual bump to the head, we all know the sort, then I saw the blood so I calmly told Logan we’d clean him up and get a plaster it wasn’t till the blood was pouring down to his eyeing in matter of a few seconds that I realised it was more than a plaster calling for Matt help while he was in the loo I made my way upstairs ready for matt to see it straight away. I said it was a A&E job to which he agreed.
  It was official Logan had split his head open as you can see in the photo. I’d like to point out that the width of the blood is the width of the spilt skin.
The crying didn’t last long surprisingly he had stopped by the time we had got him in the car. Both myself and Matt were shaking with the adrenaline pounding through our blood and I couldn’t help but feel sick with guilt, the feeling that it was my fault for not keeping a closer eye on him when he was less than 2 metres away from me still plagues me now, even though I know it happens and it was an accident.
We were seen pretty quickly considering it was A&E and I know they treat children as priorities but it was still quicker than I thought.
Eventually they decided the bleeding had stopped enough for them to dress the wound. They had discussed gluing it but with Logan being so young and the gluing process requiring children to keep still so they can do it correctly/properly it wasn’t an option. So they went for the steri strips which even with those it took the nurse a few attempts to get it done right so that it closed up properly and that was with Matt holding Logan’s head and me holding his hands, neither of which were appreciated by Logan of course.
  Here he is back at home all patched up.
I’m pleased to say that he was back to his normal self once we got home. I went to work, Late, and while I was gone Matt has told me that he hasn’t tried to pull at the dressing, that he has laughed and went to bed really well. He woke up just before I got home we think it was a nightmare but has settled back to sleep.
So to finish he is fine. We need o keep an eye on him and the dressing. if he starts being repeatedly sick or something doesn’t seem right or the wound splits open and there’s loads of blood on the dressing we have to take him back. We should also be able to take the dressing off late sunday where it should be healed and he will be left with a scare but that will fade with time.
As always thank you for reading, if you would like to get in touch please leave a comment below or get in touch via social media. I will reply to everyone.
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Other people's views

  1. Sarah Howe says:

    Phew ! Must have been really scary. We haven’t had an A+E trip but been close a few times as you are never sure. Glad Logan well and back to his normal self now. I bet you will be watching him like a hawk!! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

    1. Sam says:

      It’s been a nightmare since sarah it’s like all of a sudden he is running even faster everywhere in the house an leaving it till the last minute to stop. But dressing is off now

  2. Emma says:

    aww poor buba. that looks nasty. hope he is doing well #bestandworst

    1. Sam says:

      Thank you, yeah he is doing much better and has healed pretty well just scabbing left

  3. Hannah Budding Smiles says:

    Poor Logan and you and Matt! Must have been horrible to see him bleeding like that but it sounds like you all handled it well. I hope the little man is healing well xx

    1. Sam says:

      I’m really surprised at how calm I stayed.I think because it was so obvious that we needed to go to A&E it just took the panic away knowing it would get sorted one way or another. But he is doing really well bandage off and even when it was on he didn’t really fuss over it at all. So proud of him.

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