Sunday Afternoon Stroll

My husband Matt and I are trying to be more active through both working out and just generally getting out and about with his daughter Lexi (My Step-Daughter) and our son Logan.

So where we live, we have a beautiful countryside type park. There is so much to do in and around the area, there are various paths you can take that lead you on little adventures, there are a couple of cafe’s, a watersports centre, play areas and plenty of wildlife. It’s stunning, unfortunately we always forget that it’s there ( I don’t know how ) and never really take much advantage of it.

Anyway yesterday was a fairly pleasant day and we decided that we would go on a family walk after lunch, and it was pleasant until the sun can out and got hot and uncomfortable. The kids loved it, Lexi went on her scooter and Logan happily sat in his buggy being pushed around. Now normally when we go to this park area we always go the same way so I thought it would be fun to take a more scenic route in, which was also a little bit longer.

On the route we took it allowed us to see the river, barge boats, the golf course, no end of butterflies and dragon flies just to name a few things. annoyingly I had forgotten to take my Canon EOS 1100D camera and ended up having to use my iPhone, which is fine but really wanted my camera to take some good shots but you have to make do with what you have with you.

We even took Lexi and Logan into a Bird Hide in the hopes of seeing some birds that you might not see on a daily basis and Lexi had never been in one before so we thought it would be a nice little detour. However there were no birds to be seen. We suspect that they were off some where either in the shade or by some water source cooling down in the afternoon sun.

We must’ve walked a good 20-30 mins at a nice steady pace before we reached one of the play area’s. Now Logan only just turning 1 years old last month likes going to the park and loves going on the swings which is where he happily stayed for a good 10-15 minutes. He is a daring child and has his father’s love of adrenaline, the higher you go the better. Lexi however is 9 years old on Wednesday and is a little more reserved in the play area’s and will happily play on a few things but loves pushing Logan on the swings that is until she gets bored and as with any child she can quickly get bored and want’s to move on to the next thing.

With all the heat and sun we thought it was best to go to the cafe and get drinks and some snacks for the kids and cool down. We had actually timed this just right as within 10 minutes of being there it had started to rain and people had started to pour into the cafe looking for shelter from the summer rain shower.

We thought we had been lucky to miss it, until we got caught in another rain shower on the way home which I found in a way rather refreshing Logan however didn’t after a few minutes.

I’ve included a few images below…..
















I hope you have all had a lovely weekend doing whatever it is you love to do with you families. If you have any stories or would like to share with me what you have been up over the weekend get in touch I’d love to hear about it.

Thanks for reading and until next time….


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