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So for the last year my husband and I have pretty much cuddled our son to sleep, which we love but lately as our son has hit the 1 year mark this no longer works the way it use to and we have found that we end up spending hours trying to get him to go to sleep. This has also been the case when Logan has woke up in the night wanting a bottle and a cuddle for 2 or more hours which isn’t ideal.

We hit breaking point last week when I ended up being awake from 2:00 am trying to get Logan back to sleep….Tired wasn’t even the word for it. We had tried sleep training before when our son was around 6 months old and had success after 3-4 nights, then we hit the teething spell big time and we ended up doing what ever we could to calm and settle Logan as quickly as possible. Unfortunately the inevitable happened we were back to square one only this time Logan was older and even more set in his ways for want of a better word.

I decided to look online and look at sleep training techniques that would get results as quickly as possible. We wanted to use a technique that was similar to what we had been trying which was letting him cry for a set period of time (5 mins) before going back in but figured that as we weren’t getting results this time round that maybe we weren’t doing it quite right and giving in. That’s when I can across this.  After reading the article about the Ferber Method I found that we weren’t doing it right and we weren’t being consistent enough.

Last night we completed our 5th night of using this method and we have already seen a big improvement. The first night I really struggled, he cried for a total of 2 hours and 30 minutes before he fell asleep, last night took 30 minutes. After doing it for a couple nights I found it does gets easier to remain strong and not give in. We have also found that every night we have done the sleep training Logan has slept through for at least a minimum of 9 hours last night was just short of 12 hours. For the short time that he spends crying the benefits far out way the bad.

I know there are a lot of people that don’t agree with this method and think it is cruel or causes the child to grow up with long term trust issues. But as far as I’am aware from what I have been reading, is that there hasn’t actually been any tests/research done on children whose parents used the Ferber Method to see if they have suffered long term from this method.

Have any of you used sleep training to help your baby/toddler learn to self settle? If so what method did you use and did they work for you? Let me know your thoughts.

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