Poole’s Cavern

When the summer holiday’s come round and we have Lexi we always end up trying to think of what we can do that isn’t the usual stuff we do when she is with us at weekends. ( I mention this in my Brain dump post)

The Hubby came up with the idea of going to Poole’s Cavern up in Buxton, a two and a half hours drive for us, but if you have never been it is totally worth it and it is also really inexpensive too. Lexi loved it and Logan well he was happy enough until we were shown what it was like with absolutely no light and the poor boy got a little scared but was fine other wise.


At Poole’s Cavern there is a tour around every 15-20 minutes I think, and a guide takes you along the walkway’s giving you a little bit of history.

Incase you don’t know, but Poole’s Cavern has been said to have been around since the 16th century and around 1582 it is believed that Mary Queen of Scotts use to frequently visit the Cavern. There have also been various artifacts found in there which suggest that it was used as shelter by people. You can read more about Poole’s Cavern here.

Ever since I was a kid myself my parents use to take me and my brother on holiday’s to all sorts of place around the peak district, the Brecon Beacon’s and even the New Forest. You could guarantee that if there was a Cave you could visit we would want to go. Now the thought of doing the Potholing doesn’t appeal the thought of small tight space’s scare’s me, but go on a guided tour and I’m there. I love to explore places and luckily my husband is of the same mind-set, and I hope that both Logan and Lexi will grow to be the same.

It was fantastic to take Lexi to the Cavern as she has never done anything like that before and to be able to witness that was truly amazing. Even when we were driving through the Peak District to get there she was amazed at how beautiful the area was. Where we Live it’s very boring and very flat to say the least.








It took about 45-50 minutes to do the tour and it’s one of those caves that rather than going down into the ground you go pretty much in a straight horizontal line into the hillside which is amazing when you think that right above you there are people walking about enjoying the scenery. We had planned to walk to the top of the hill but unfortunately the weather decided to unleash heavy rain.

Deep-in-thought Logan bless him had been such a good boy having to be strapped in the car for two and a half hours ( the longest car ride he’s had) to then be strapped straight into the buggy. Still it is good practice as we’re off to Cardiff on Saturday.

Lexi For someone who is such a poser when the camera comes out I had to nag her to stand and let me take this photo. Worth it though.

My-Man And oddly enough this man who hates his photo being taken was quite happy to pose for photo’s today. Maybe it was because he knew it was for the blog.

So as I final thought for the day and post. As tiring as today has been it has been fantastic I have enjoyed every minute of it.

And please go take a venture to Poole’s Cavern with the kids this summer I can guarantee they will love it and if the weather is nice they have a lovely picnic area and there is the walk up the hillside to Solomon’s Temple too. (Gutted we couldn’t do this). Oh and there is also a Go Ape there too.

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Until next time.



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