Our Day Trip Out

I hope everyone has had a fantastic Bank Holiday weekend.

Matt and I decided yesterday that we wanted to take Logan out for the day and do something/go somewhere he hasn’t been before and to give us a change in scenery. Unfortunately yesterday’s weather was a bit hit and miss the entire day which made it difficult to find somewhere that Logan could do/be involved with and not be bored senseless and that wasn’t going to cost us an arm and a leg to do.

After a bit of googling and thinking I suggest we take Logan to Sherwood Forest to the Major Oak. We’ve been before but not since before we got married so we stupidly decided to wing it and not use the Sat Nav…..this resulted in us missing the turning off the motorway and going 45 minutes out of our way. When we plumed in the Sat Nav and we ended up going another 45 minutes the wrong way. So what should have taken us like an hour and 20ish minutes took us nearly 3 hours! Yes you can laugh it’s ok.

We first went to Sherwood pines to see what was there and to have a spot of lunch. However the rain meant that we had to eat in the car. Now we have never been to Sherwood Pines and I have to say there’s quite a bit to do there, you can do Go Ape!, there’s Bike riding you can hire bikes. There are a few different play areas, a Gruffalo orienteering trail to take there is a massive field to play on etc and a picnic area. Most of which Logan is too young to do so we let him loose to just run around and have fun and go on a little walk.

Logan and daddy exploring a play area

Logan and daddy exploring a play area


Logan wanted to get out and go run again

Logan wanted to get out and go run again

There was lovely little paths for Logan to run down in wooded areas too


And he’s off

We even found some pretty cool faces carved in to tree trunks

Silly Daddy

And we even got in a Family Selfie



It was after here that we decided to head over to Sherwood National Nature Reserve to go for a walk or in Logan’s case a Run and to see the Major Oak tree, unfortunately I didn’t get a Picture of the tree but I can tell you that the tree is estimated to be between 800-1000 years old, you can read more about it here.

we didn’t get many pictures while here as we were constantly either running after Logan because he was running back the wrong way or trying to keep up with him. Then of cause on the walk back to the visitor centre there Logan starts getting tired and doing was probably over the two site about an hour and a half of running/walking.

But Matt did manage to get this picture of me and Logan for me

"Look at this Daddy, Look what me and Mummy Found"

“Look at this Daddy, Look what me and Mummy Found”

If you haven’t been I throughly recommend it. It is a great day out. On the day they charge for parking it £3 for the day. And while unfortunately a lot of the walk ways have fences either side you wandering up to a lot of the interesting trees that you could go inside years ago, it is still a nice day out. They have a robin hood festival on in August but not sure of the dates, and they quite often have stuff on over the bank holiday weekends.

How did you spend you Bank Holiday weekend? I’d love to hear about it. Just leave a comment below or get in touch Via social media. I will reply to everyone.

As always thanks for reading…


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