One Proud Step Mummy

So this weekend was an extremely proud weekend for myself and my husband Matt. His daughter, my Step-Daughter Lexi had a trampolining competition with her club. (She has been trampolining for about 3 years now I think) anyway every year her club do a club competition where the team compete against each other and then they have a presentation evening where they recognise team member’s who have done particularly well by awarding them trophies. As you can see by the feature image Lexi did particularly well yesterday….Infact she has a particularly fantastic year trampolining. (they run the year from August to July as that’s when they do the presentation)

So last August she went to Denmark for an international competition, it was her 1st big competition and she was only 8 and it was also her 1st time aboard and going away without either her mum or her dad. (Parents weren’t allowed to go) Let me tell you she loved every minuteĀ and she also came 1st in her group for her main competition and she came 2nd in a little mini one (So she tells me). She didn’t stop there either she has won most of her competitions since and the other month she competed in theĀ Trampoline Regional Final and NDP Qualifiers 2015 where she came 5th out of 21 in her group which put her through to the British Finals in Telford last weekend Where she came 1st and crowned British Champion for her group. We could not be more proud of her. I don’t mean this to sound like I’m bragging because I’m not I just want to share how well she has done.

So anyway yesterday in her club competition she came 2nd in her group, which she got a trophy for and then in the evening she got a few more trophies one of which ( her most prestigious trophy that came with the wooden plague) was for Trampolinist of the year 2015 in her club because of her achievements.

I can see a bright future for her and part of me can’t help but think if one day she’ll want to work towards the olympic’s. Either way We’re so proud of her. Well done to Lexi!

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