Mum Of Two!

We all know that being a new mum of one has its challenges but being a new mother second time round, with a 2 and a half-year-old and a newborn, Well that has a whole host of new challenges.

For the last 9 weeks I have been juggling between breastfeeds/bottles feeds, Nappy changes, snack fetching, house work and playing and setting boundaries. I don’t look or feel like superwoman or supermum. In fact, most day’s I look like a hot mess.

 All The Poo!!!

I swear my kids work on a tag team basis where their poo is concerned. Logan will do his morning Poo around the same time block every day, Rae will quite often time hers either before or after. Some days Rae will poo just once or 2-3 times throughout the day, Logan will be the same unless he’s ill then his increases and becomes messy….Thanks, Kiddo.

I’ve been a mum for two and half years now and I have been lucky to not get pooed or wee’ed on until Rae came along. Yes, my lovely beautiful little lady crapped on me. Sorry I’ll rephrase she shot crap at me and took my knee out. She was around the 2-4 week age mark. Even with my Ninja Mum moves to move out the way she still got me. I have never been so shocked or grossed out in my life as I was at that point.

All The Crying!!!

I can’t let my kids take all the blame for this one, I have done my fair share of crying since Rae was born. Stupid Post Partum hormones. Some of my tears were stress from the constant cluster feeds Rae was doing every evening since the day she was born, some of it was/is down to being tired.

When Do I Fit That in??

As Mum’s we are all under pressure to get our pre-pregnancy bodies back, most of this pressure comes from tabloids and social media. We also put a lot of pressure on ourselves, well I certainly do anyway.

I only had Rae 9 weeks ago and I’m itching to start working out but I just don’t have the energy. Between napping when the kid’s nap (except right now) and house work I’m not entirely sure when I fit in working out. I’m hoping once Logan is at preschool I’ll have a bit more time.

Caffeine, Caffeine, Caffeine!!!

My saving grace lately has been caffeine and lots of it. Especially in the form of Coffee. Now I’m not a coffee snob but I also don’t like the cheap stuff. If you want good coffee it’s going to cost you. I’m sorry but that’s my opinion.

I haven’t got round to sorting out/cleaning our beans to coffee machine so for now, it’s instant. But I do love the smell of fresh ground coffee in the morning. Maybe a job for this evening.

How did you adjust to having a second baby? what were your go to savers as a Mum or Dad? Get in touch and let me know I’d love to hear from you.

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