Lot’s Of Changes Happening

Do you ever find you have that moment when you suddenly realise so many things have changed or are changing? Where you’ve not really noticed through going about the day-to-day routines of life until you stop and take a step back and then you see it?

Well that’s where I’m these last few weeks.

A big change to our routine’s is that I’m about to start a part-time job in the evening’s after being out of work since April 2014 ( this includes Holiday and Maternity Leave to me then finally giving up my job). I wasn’t looking for work because we didn’t really need me to look but someone I know approached me and when I chatted to my husband about it, we decided that the opportunity was too good to pass up.

The other changes that I have noticed are with Logan. For months he has been nothing but a fussy eater which I know all toddler’s go through at some point or other, but for me this was a frustrating time because even as a young baby he was never fussy, he didn’t care if his milk can from breast or bottle or formula and even when we weaned him he ate pretty much everything we gave him and then some. He was always a really good eater. But I’d say these last few months he has been so fussy as a result of almost constant teething (Yes it’s been sooo much fun in our house lol) but out of no where last week he started to eat things he’d refused before.

Now before I go any further let me explain to you what my son does. He will let you put pretty much any food in his mouth and if he doesn’t like it, it will go one of two ways…..He will either chew then stick his tongue out and shake his head like a dog causing food to go EVERYWHERE or he will stick his tongue straight out and shake his head like a dog causing food to go EVERYWHERE. He like most children hasn’t been keen on vegetables and he point-blank didn’t like baked beans and didn’t like mashed potatoes, he refused to eat mince meat.

BUT……he has started to eat vegetables and he has eaten bake beans like there has never been an issue with them and well Mash potatoes and mince meat both eaten.

Here he is eating cottage pie on Monday, he ate the whole lot. And that plate was full.

The other thing that has been a big change in Logan is his confidence and his independence. He rarely wants to walk holding your hand unless it’s at Tesco’s and there’s lot of cars (This is a good thing). He has also decided that he wants to brush his teeth, which I have to say is rather cute because he starts of moving it around his mouth like we do on him but then he just decides to start chewing on the bristles.

At least they are still being cleaned and it’s starting a good habit.

Trying to brush his own teeth

He is also trying to communicate more and try’s to say more words. Some days he never shuts up….a bit like me really. On those days he try’s to say thing like tea if I have a cup of tea in my hand. This is probably my favourite thing for him to say other than mummy or daddy because it sounds so cute.

Has anything all of a sudden changed in your house?

What have your toddlers been so fussy over with food?

As always thanks for reading and until next time.


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Other people's views

  1. Julie Downes says:

    My little boy still won’t eat vegetables, puts them in, pulls a face and then out they come again! So there might be hope then, I’ll keep putting them on his plate, although if they are carrots he has learnt that his sister will eat them and passes them on to her. #bestandworst

    1. Sam says:

      They reckon it takes something like 15-20 tries before a child will except a new food and to like it lol.

  2. Helen Gandy says:

    Yes all the time something changes in our house…… usually Alfie’s attitude haha. Absolutely with food though, one day potatoes are liked the next they’re not, I lose track! Thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst lovely XX

    1. Sam says:

      I know it’s so frustrating because you think ah they like that I’ll buy some more of it and then they point blank refuse to eat it. Or in Logan’s case he will have it in his mouth the spit it out while shaking his head for maximum distribution of said disliked food item lol

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