Logan’s Adjustment To Our Second Child

Every parent who has ever had more than one child will know, there is an adjustment period for the older sibling(s) to get used to the second child. Some adjust really well while others….not so much.

Preparing Logan…

It was really important for us that we prepared Logan for Rae (our second child) arrival from the start. It was also to include him where possible from the Start. We talked to him about how there was a baby in mummy’s tummy, we would encourage him to kiss and cuddle my bump from the start. We wanted to build Logan’s bond with Rae, as well as his love for her early on.

Watching Logan’s Affection Grow…

My pregnancy with Rae was not an easy one. What made it special and lovely was Watching Logan affection grow. He would often cuddle my bump and kiss it, saying ‘Baby’. As my bump grew he became increasingly more careful of my bump when ever he climbed up on me.

Their First Meeting…

I still remember when Logan came into the hospital to meet Rae for the first time. He was excited to be there as from my many admission before he knew he was coming to see mummy. However I was in the bad books. Rae was born in the early hours of the Monday morning and my In-laws had been looking after him in the day since the Friday before.  I hadn’t seen him for 3 days.

While Logan had an interest in seeing her it quickly wore off and lost all interest. He didn’t want to give her a kiss or a cuddle while he was there. But when ever he left he would give her a kiss goodbye and say ‘Bye Rae’ It was enough to melt my heart several times over.

Let The Tantrums Begin…

When myself and Rae were finally allowed home the tantrums soon began. Logan quickly realised that Rae was here to stay and moving in on his turf. I was no longer Logan’s favourite. Daddy was favourite. Let me tell you this, it was a hard pill to swallow.

Logan would often get jealous and would want picking up to go everywhere and if it didn’t happen there were tears and tantrums.


The day after boxing day Logan finally asked to have a cuddle with Rae on the Sofa. He wanted to hold his baby Sister.

My heart melted all over again, I swelled with Pride and Love. The lump in my throat was the biggest I’ve ever had. This picture still moves me and makes me emotional. A beautiful picture of our first and second child.

Settled And Accepted…

We’re 7 weeks in now and Logan has well and truly settled to having a baby move into the house, his home. He has also accepted Rae into his life and as apart of his family. His Sister. His love for her is the sweetest thing, While he hasn’t asked to hold her again, he does give her lots of kisses and cuddles and show an interest in her. He has never once tried to hurt her or push out the way for a cuddle. He truly has nothing but love for her and I feel truly blessed.

How did you find your older child(ren) reacting to a new baby in the house? was it good/bad? get in touch I’d love to hear your stories. If you enjoyed this post then please share because sharing is caring and all that. Please subscribe if you haven’t already and get all the latest post when they are published.

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Best of Worst

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  1. Jo - Pickle and Poppet says:

    I had such a similar experience with my oldest. He dotes on his sister but he found it hard to adjust and many times he would tell me he didn’t want me he wanted daddy. We are now almost 6 months in and there are still some days that are tough, but we have settled into some kind of routine. It is tough but as she gets older and a little less dependant of me, he gets better and more accepting as he gets more attention. We now have time on our own and he loves that.

    1. Sam says:

      Sometimes Logan get’s a bit cuddly and tries squeezing us around the head lol

  2. Laura Beresford says:

    I think the children are usually more excited than the parents about a new arrival! #bestandworst

    1. Sam says:

      This is true certainly until the novelty wears off for them

  3. Money Corgi says:

    Cute photos, you should keep them on hand to bust out when they’re teenagers and get into an argument with each other #bestandworst

    1. Sam says:

      Yeah I’m a big fan of digging out old photos or embarrassing photos

  4. Helen gandy says:

    Ahh lovely post. Hmmm Alfie struggled when Elarna came along, we had alot of jealousy but it’s much more settled now thankfully. Looks like Logan is very much settling into being a fab big bro 🙂 Thanks for linking up #bestandworst

    1. Sam says:

      Ah he’s amazing with Rae he’s so affectionate

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