I’m Back!

So it has been a while since I last posted anything. Reason being is that both myself and Logan have been ill again! Logan is also teething AGAIN! This time its his last 4 back molars and they are being a Bitch to say the least.

You may remember that I have struggled with doing any exercise. And I’m being honest when I say Logan’s teething and tantrums haven’t helped and to add to that, there’s the Sleep deprivation thanks to the Toddler that is my son Logan. These day’s even the house work is too much effort.

Joking aside thing’s have been so tough lately I’ve only just got over what felt like the flu again, and me being the person that I am just got on with it. However I need to start listening to my body. Stress of life and Logan’s teething and the sleep deprivation has taken its toll. I have had to completely change my skin care routine because My face was just completely drying out in places, the eczema has come out again on my eye lids and I just looked haggard. So I have gone back to using the Simple skin Care line. I already see a difference in my skin just in these last few days. I also need to get back to making time for working out, as this has dropped so far down on my list of priorities lately my mental health is suffering. Stress levels are higher, my emotions are all over the place and well my fuse is blowing more quickly lately than I would like.

However I would like to give myself a pat on the back because Logan cried/screamed for 2 and half hours solid the other evening refusing to give in and sleep and I managed to keep my patience. I’m not saying I wasn’t close to pulling my hair out or ranting to my husband down stairs but with Logan I was calm.

While I have been away. I have done a lot of thinking about my blog and I have decided that I am going to stop doing my Jelly Belly post because lets face it. there’s no point at the moment. So once I get back into the swing of working out I may do an update post but for now I’m saying goodbye to those posts. As for the Thinking Slimmer Slimpod review. I have taken a break from it and will begin again in the next couple of weeks. With all the illness etc we have had I didn’t feel like I could do a fair review as I have just been struggling lately with everything that had gone on.

That’s it for now.

As always Thank you for reading. Please do get in touch via the comments below or via social media I will reply to you all.


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