Fun in the Sun.

Yesterday I decided to take Logan round to his Nanna and Grandpa’s house to play in the garden and he throughly enjoyed himself so much so that he refused to give in for his afternoon nap.

By far his favourite thing to play with was the water table. The more water he could throw about the better it was and we even got extra dirty giggles every time he splashed me with water.

Within minutes he was soaked through and  loving it. Logan is definitely a water baby, he’s always loved water, never had an issue bathing him even when he was little.





After a little while of playing with the water table and having a good ol’ splash about in the paddling pool soaking mummy some more, Logan decided it was time to dry off put some clean dry clothes on and play on the swing……one of his other favourite activities to do. He was so happy in there. We even thought at one point that he would finally go to sleep but no he didn’t want to miss anything.



The poor little guy was so hot and tired he really didn’t know what to do with himself and decided that crawling out to the kitchen to the cold floor was the only way to go. Believe it or not but he wasn’t asleep when I took this photo he just laid there rolling his hips and leg back and forth trying to cool down.

I felt so sorry for him but it was just hysterical at the same time.






Today we had a play date at our friends house who has a little boy who is a few months younger than Logan. We put the boys in the paddling pool in the morning but unfortunately Logan was just too tired and hot and just cried after about 5 mins in the paddling pool. He decided that a spot of early lunch and a nap was the best way to deal with the heat wave we had today.

The afternoon was mainly spent with him sleeping…..I dont think he has slept this much during the day since he was a small baby and surprisingly he fell asleep this evening after on 10-15 mins…(our upstairs is pretty much sauna temperature even with the windows open, it just gets the sun all day).


So there you go that’s how we spent today and yesterday in the sun…..What did you guys do? please feel free to share your stories.

Thanks for reading until next time.



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  1. Leslie Rickerby says:

    Ha! Bless him on the kitchen floor! We literally spent the entire day inside with the curtains shut and the air con unit on. I ventured outside twice to hang washing out and both times I nearly died with the heat. Dexter followed me out and I really expected him to kick off big time when I tried to bring him in but both times he got too hot, too quick and then decided it was best to come back inside with mummy after about 5 minutes!

    1. Sam says:

      Aw bless him. Yeah we were in shade outside alot on tues but wednesday walking back from my friends was a killer I pretty much had the hood of the buggy in middle over Logan as much as possible, normally he doesn’t like it because he cant see anything but that day he didn’t mind at all.

  2. Wave to Mummy says:

    Hi! Saw your post on Facebook group and thought I’d come here to give you a warm welcome into blogging mums club 🙂 it is a lovely hobby so I hope you will grow to like it too, and looking forward to seeing how your style will evolve 🙂

    1. Sam says:

      Thank you. I’m enjoying so far and really looking forward to seeing where it goes and how I evolve with the blog. Thank you again.

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