Our Day At Sacrewell Farm

We decided on Sunday that we would take the kids to Sacrewell Farm. Lexi hadn’t been with us for a few years and Logan hadn’t been at all. It was a fairly pleasant day weather wise and fairly local to where we live.

It couldn’t have been a better day. We decided to have an early lunch so that we could keep the cost down. We arrived after midday and decided the first stop would be the rabbits and the chickens. Well Logan loved the chickens unfortunately though I didn’t get any picture of him checking out the chickens because I was so wrapped up in the moment enjoying seeing him experience them for the first time.

Lexi of course had to have a go a milking Daisy the cow (please note Daisy is not a real cow)

We decided that before we walked all the way to the other end looking at all the different animals before going on the tractor ride we would let them go and have a play in the indoor soft play area they have. Logan loved it. Especially the slide (We have bought him a slide for his birthday cant wait to see his face). When we were all hot and bothered Logan and Lexi were more than happy to go and look at all the animals they had there.

We’d timed this really well as they were just about to start their sheep shearing demonstration, I have to say it looks like extremely hard work and a lot of skill involved too…


One of the thing a love about Sacrewell Farm is that its safe enough to let Logan run a bit a head.

IMG_2079 IMG_2082

IMG_2078 IMG_2070

Logan really surprised me at how well he did walking and running around as far as he did. There were also no tantrums at all! (unheard of with a toddler).

Of course you can’t go to Sacrewell Farm without having a tractor ride….

IMG_2071 IMG_2072 I will say it is rather difficult to get a non blurry picture while on a tractor ride. And as you can see by this point some one is very tired.

(On a side note you can see the scare/cut on Logan’s head in these pics. I’d just like to say it is healing really nicely but I think it’ll be some time before it’s fully healed. If you missed the post about how Logan got this scar then you can check out the post here)

We also managed to get a picture of the Kids on a really old tractor again this is a must if you visit Sacrewell Farm

IMG_2073 IMG_2077


And then Finally it was time for a family selfie before stopping for a drink and a last play in the outdoor play area for the Kids


I can honestly say that for what you pay to enter the Farm there is so much to do and see. They have things on most weekends throughout the summer. When we went they had a Spring Fair on. There are lots of animal which you can touch and they also sell food for some of the animals so you can feed them.

It’s a great place to introduce kids to different farm-yard animals. I can’t wait to take Logan back again.

Have you ever been? How do you like to spend your family days out?

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Thank you for reading and until next time.





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Other people's views

  1. Mums Space says:

    That sounds like a really good farm, we are lucky to have a few within a reasonable drive. We cant wait to go to one this year. That cow looks great too! #bestandworst

    1. Sam says:

      Thanks. Its fantastic when me and the husband was a school together we had a school trip there to camp on the farm for best part of a week. It’s been around forever

  2. Sarah Howe says:

    I love a good day out that is fab from start to finish. You all look like you had such a good time. Logan has got so big! Love the selfie.It is great when you feel you can let the kids run about without worrying too. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

    1. Sam says:

      It was a fantastic I’m looking forward to more days out like that. Want to take Logan to a nice beach somewhere in the summer and just have fun spending the day playing on the beach and in the sea.

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