Could This Be The Start Of The Terrible Two’s?

To say that we have been pretty lucky with Logan’s temperament since birth is probably an understatement. I’ve always said that his personality is split straight down the middle of Myself and Matt. He has Matt’s chilled out, laid back approach to life but he has my Temper and dramatic’s.

When Logan throws a tantrum we don’t get fake crying noise we get full on tears, every time, without fail. Lately this seems to be a more regular occurence, the tantrums that it. He could be laughing his head of one minute and the next you ask a question and he’s in a full-blown tantrum. This has been going on now for week’s. Some days I could cry or pull my hair out. Everything seems to be an issue and don’t get me started on his eating or should I say lack of.

I know the eating is just a phase and throw teething and colds into the mix and well, hello stressed tired Mummy and Daddy. I can’t remember the last time Logan woke in the night and settled back to sleep in his own bed. It’s a point where I’m desperate for him to resettle again in his bed but I’m so tired and stressed out that I just want to sleep so the easiest solution is to bring him into our bed. I know there is probably a bunch of you out there screaming “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”  But my day starts anywhere between 6am and 7am. Once I’m ready I look after Logan till I need to get ready for work ( I start at 5:30pm so that means getting ready at 4pm, between 4:30 and 5pm I’m looking after Logan again. I go to work and get home around 9pm ish, I eat and have a drink and then it’s quite often time for bed. Lately I just don’t have the energy to persist with controlled crying.

A wonderfully quiet spell after a morning of Tantrums

A wonderfully quiet spell after a morning of Tantrums

I also want to get Logan to give up the dummy especially now that he’s starting to talk more. That is a battle I’m not looking forward to, Logan loves his dummies. We also need to start thinking about potty training Logan this year too. It feels like it’s never-ending at the moment and with all this Logan throws anywhere between 10 and 20 tantrums most days.

The idea of a selfie with mummy was enough to start a tantrum.

The idea of a selfie with mummy was enough to start a tantrum.

You know how when you first have your new-born baby and it’s those early weeks where you’re emotional and you feel like a crap mum and that you’re doing everything wrong. Well, I’m back in that state of mind at the moment. The tantrums and the crying is just relentless at the moment and he isn’t even two yet. I love that Logan is strong-minded and has his own mind and everything but not when it comes to the Terrible Two’s.

So Could This Be The Start Of The Terrible Two’s? Watch this space I’m sure as we get into the full-blown terrible two’s there will be posts and funny pictures galore.

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  1. Emma says:

    Good luck with the tantrums. Fingers crossed it will get better. Our oldest had a dummy and in the end we explained that we had to post it back to the dummy fairy as the new babies needed them. We then explained that as a little thank you the fairy gets you a little present as a thank you. It seemed to work #thebigpink

    1. Sam says:

      Thanks. I’m hoping it won’t last longe. Hubby put him to bed without dummy hopefully he’ll realise he can sleep without it

  2. Rachel says:

    I hear you. My son was the calmest baby, he really was an absolute angel. The last couple of weeks have possibly been the toughest since being a Mum I think. We are fully in the throes of the terrible twos (my son is 2 years and 3 months). I tell myself on a daily basis that this too shall pass. And it will. Just difficult to remember that mantra when you’re right in the midst of it though. #bigpinklink

    1. Sam says:

      It’s crazy how they can be so different in a matter of seconds lol. Yeah I forever tell myself it’s just a phase and the good stuff far out way the bad

  3. Mackenzie Glanville says:

    My advice do the dummy sooner rather than later, Adam got to 4 before we took it away, I just kept putting it off because he was so in love with it. It really broke his heart when I finally had to take it off him, I think it broke my heart to, he cried like he was in pain! He then latched on to a cushion and is obsessed by it, it is one with no removable cover and I have to and wash it all the time and it drives me mad! It is so out of shape, but it is cute how he loves it. Sorry I am going on . . . Sleep does come eventually don’t give up hope xx #bigpinklink

    1. Sam says:

      Yeah hubs put him to bed tonight without it and said it was stressful I had planned to start tomorrow but hopefully in few days he’ll have forgotten them. I’ll just have to ware him out during day so that he is so tired he won’t care lol

  4. Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons says:

    I’m right there with you, so huge sympathies from me! My son is 22 months and the tantrums have been full on for a while now – screaming, tears, arms flailing, falling on the floor. It seems like our whole day is either him in a perfect, gorgeous, mood, or a massive, angry tantrum – there is no in between! I’m finding it exhausting and hoping that there isn’t worse in store just around the corner! #BigPinkLink

    1. Sam says:

      What amazes me is I can ask him if he wants a drinks and I get the Bottom lip and tears. A simple question can cause a tantrum these days

  5. This Mum's Life says:

    Oh my goodness, I feel your pain on every, single, level… My first baby was always very highly strung, so it came as no surprise to me that the terrible twos hit him hard. However, my second was a total angel, I really mean the most angelic of angel babies! So it has come as the hugest surprise ever, that his terrible twos are about a million times worse than the eldest’s…! And we are in a horrific, hellish crossover at the moment of the eldest just turning 3, and still tantrumming fairly frequently, and the youngest seemingly doing it every second of every day… I’ve said to my husband on many an occasion that I’d rather have them as two newborns again! We have managed to give up the dummies, but put it off for ages! We just went cold turkey in the end, 3 days and it was all over! And the eldest is refusing to be potty trained, so I’m a little stumped with that one right now! I don’t blame you at all for bringing Logan into your bed, it’s definitely something I would do too, in the same situation! You have my commiserations, I find wine is the best help…!
    Thank you so much for linking up to the very first #bigpinklink!

    1. Sam says:

      Thank you, it’s nice to know we’re not alone when we go through these spells, I do miss the new born stage where they Sleep and eat and poop lol and cry till their fed or cuddled lol

  6. OneDad2Sons says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Our eldest has graduated from the terrible two’s and is now embarking on the threenager stage. It’s good to see their development, but they certainly know how to push the buttons. That said I think it’s certainly helped me deal with the adults at work that behave like two year old =:0) So I guess everyone is learning. #bigpinklink

    1. Sam says:

      Thank you, I think i’ll always be learning where Logan is concerned and I do look forward to it, I just try to remember that it’s just a phase and it will eventually pass

  7. Sarah Howe (@RunJumpScrap) says:

    Eurgh bless you. I remember the teething and not eating!! It’s horrible. We get the tantrums too but not too often, more whining!! I tend to find ignoring her and if she is in a state to be reasoned with; the naughty step is threatened and it works. I wouldn’t worry about the bed thing; sometimes you need your sleep and you can work on it when the teething settles xx #bigpinklink

    1. Sam says:

      Thanks Sarah, I swear most days tantrums are between 10-20 times. THat said he’ hasn’t been too bad until tonight, I decided to make Logan go cold turkey with taking the dummies aways tomorrow, Matt started tonight. You can imagine how that went lol. Hopefully will only be a few tough days

  8. Kayleigh Woodland says:

    Ah kids, they’re such joys! Tantrums started a little before two for us and have carried on. My daughter is a bit of a drama queen these days.

    However, with the frustrations will come many more moments of pure joy and pride! #bigpinklink

    1. Sam says:

      Thanks for the comment, Yeah at the moment I’m clinging on to all the good moments to get me through this phase. Well I hope it’s a Phase lol

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