A Whole New Level Of Teething

Everybody tell’s you that teething always seems worse than it is when you’re going through it and it won’t last forever. Well let me tell you this last lot of teething Logan is going throw is as bad as it seems and it is lasting forever. Logan is currently in the process of cutting his molars, now you should know that Logan never just cuts one tooth at a time he likes to cut anywhere between 2-4 teeth at one time. And it’s no different with his molars.

Sleep, Bah who need’s sleep, I do, I need sleep. Lately sleep seems like a distant memory, a dream you long to come true. The other week Logan’s teething was so bad that he woke around 10pm and dosed ( for want of a better word) until 6;30 am, I didn’t get to sleep until 6:30 am and then had to be up to look after Logan at 8:30 so that Matt could get ready for work. I don’t even know how much coffee I drank that day.


On top of that Logan got a cold, now this could haveĀ been from the teething and most likely was but whatever caused it, that combined with teething has not been fun to say the least. There has been copious amounts of snot, coughing and crying. Now people tell to sleep when the baby sleeps, well when Logan is ill he will only sleep on me and the minute I start nodding off he wakes up…It’s like he has this 6th sense that he just knows that I’m falling asleep and he decides it’s time to wake up. This does not make for a fun game and I certainly don’t enjoy it.


Now between the snot, teething and crying, he’s still a happy little chappie. And it seems hopefully (*crossed fingers and toes) that we are now over the worst, we still have teething but when and if he wakes during the night he’s normally back to sleep after maybe 2-3 hours… yes this is still bad but at least I get some sleep, and at the moment I will take anything I can get at the moment.

I’ve joked to Matt about renamingĀ Logan to Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde because he can be laughing one minute and the next minute he’ll be crying. There have been days/nights where it has been so bad and I have been so tired and exhausted that I have ended up crying and it has been enough to make me think that I don’t want another child but then he’ll do something that we make me realise that no matter how bad it gets their worth every minute and I wouldn’t swap him for the world and that I would want to do it all again with another one day.

How do you cope with teething? Does your little one suffer or does it not affect them at all? Get in touch and let me know I’d be interested in hearing what everyone else deals with and how they deal with it.

As always thanks for reading and until next time.



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