Ready, Steady, Preschool! Getting Logan Ready…

Now that Logan is 2, we need to start thinking about which Preschool we want Logan to go to, how much it is going to cost, is there a waiting list to name but a few.

This is all new to me and to be honest a little daunting, While Matt went through this with Lexi it was quite a while a few years ago now given that she will be 10 next month.

Ready Steady Preschool….

I found out that there was a new toddler group about to start that was for Logan’s age group. It is basically there to get your child ready for going to preschool. It’s a limited group and is invite only. Logan was lucky enough to be invited. So last week was the 1st week and it went well, Logan really enjoyed himself although he did his usual of only staying at one or two activity stations. Those being…..A area with toy houses and toy people. He really enjoyed playing with these by pushing the people through the door and then closing the door behind them. He did this for quite a while. The next area that got his attention was the Mega blocks and building tower on wheels.

It is only just over an hour-long and in that time while the children are playing etc the group leaders are actually writing observations on you child to they can see where they are at and what if anything we need to focus on.

Crashed out after the group for about 3 hours

Crashed out after the group for about 3 hours

Playing At Home….

When we are at home Logan like to either just run around the living room or the hallway. So I have tried to get him doing new things. We recently bought him a little table and chairs a) for him to sit at while eating and b) for him to learn to do activities at the table like drawing etc.

He is getting better, I managed to get him to play with his blocks at the table and he eats most of the time at the table.

It's still standing, The boy building a tower from his blocks

It’s still standing, The boy building a tower from his blocks

The Outdoors….

Logan hates getting dirty, he doesn’t like the feel of grass and quite often doesn’t like to walk on grass. He also doesn’t like the feeling of sand.

The other day I decided to take Logan to the field near out house for a run around, but lo and behold he wasn’t interested and wanted to be carried. So I carried him to a patch of Daisies, sat him in my lap and started to make a Daisy chain. This piqued his interest. He was up off my lap and trying to pick Daisies for himself. He also started to walk then run through the grass. This was short lived however as he decided that he wanted to go for a walk along the path. But it is a start.

This evening we did manage to get Logan to pick up some sand from Matt’s hand which was a start. Hopefully this will increase the more we do it.

Getting in touch with Nature

Getting in touch with Nature

Off to find the next patch of Daisies

Off to find the next patch of Daisies

Picking Daisies

Picking Daisies

Moving Forward….

I just can’t believe I have a boy who doesn’t like to get dirty. It’s crazy.

I am planning on Buying him some new wellies and a puddle suit this coming week so that we can go out in the rain and so he can splash about in some puddles.

Now that he is starting to show an interest in new things I’m hoping to use this and get him to experience new things that he can enjoy and not  just run around and play with cars all the time.


What did you do to get your child ready for preschool? Does your child love to get dirty or are they Like Logan and hate it? Let me know I’d love to hear your experience.

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