I Grew A Pair And Felt Invigorated

Unless you follow me on social media, you are probably wondering what the post is about, going on the title. Well let me explain. My picture on my home page shows me with short hair. Well I shaved it off! I’ll explain before you think I am some crazy hormonal pregnant woman. For a few weeks… Read more

Removing The Build Up of Hair dye

So as you have probably seen from pictures that I have upload that I have quite dark hair. My Hair is naturally brown but from dying my hair like every other month with chocolate browns or the odd red colour my hair just ended up looking black and no matter what colour I dyed it,… Read more

My Morning Skin Care Products

My morning skin care routine has change over the years and as I have got older I seen more of a need to look after my skin and I’m quite fortunate that I don’t really have any wrinkles as such starting yet, but I have learned that since having Logan and not getting full night’s… Read more