Mum Of Two!

We all know that being a new mum of one has its challenges but being a new mother second time round, with a 2 and a half-year-old and a newborn, Well that has a whole host of new challenges. For the last 9 weeks I have been juggling between breastfeeds/bottles feeds, Nappy changes, snack fetching,… Read more

Logan’s Adjustment To Our Second Child

Every parent who has ever had more than one child will know, there is an adjustment period for the older sibling(s) to get used to the second child. Some adjust really well while others….not so much. Preparing Logan… It was really important for us that we prepared Logan for Rae (our second child) arrival from… Read more

Rae’s Birth Story

I probably should have started writing Rae’s birth story a lot earlier. But I wanted to enjoy those first few weeks with my new daughter and my family. There was also the recovery and antibiotics for myself and Rae to deal with. How Did it all Start? I was admitted into hospital for an induction on the… Read more

The Catch Up….

So it has been a little while since I’ve posted anything on here…there is a very good reason for this, I had a baby. Yes the little lady arrived on the 19th December just in time for Christmas.  I had decided to take a break from blogging and enjoy the first few weeks of having… Read more

It’s Wearing A Bit Thin Now! 

Do you ever reach a point where everything is wearing thin? I’ve reached that point… The tantrums, the sleepless nights, the arguments. The aches and pains. I’ve just had enough. I Blame The Chicken Pox… Ever since Logan had the chicken pox everything has been hell. His sleep pattern and tantrums are just next level.… Read more

Today Logan Turned Two!

The last 2 years have flown by, I’m an emotional person at the best of times but I become even more emotional when I think about Logan and his birthdays and the day he was born. So far on both is birthday’s he has woken up around the time he was born. Which considering he… Read more

Sick Day!

Today has to be the longest day I’ve had in the last 2 years of being a mum. I have been awake since around 1am this morning and it is now 8.35pm. With no naps. The reason for this….Logan has been blowing chunks/chundering/throwing up/vomiting take your pick of which word you would like to use,… Read more

Our Day At Sacrewell Farm

We decided on Sunday that we would take the kids to Sacrewell Farm. Lexi hadn’t been with us for a few years and Logan hadn’t been at all. It was a fairly pleasant day weather wise and fairly local to where we live. It couldn’t have been a better day. We decided to have an… Read more

When You Have To Take Your Child To A&E!!!

So as parents we do everything we possibly can to protect our children from harm, whether that be physical, emotional or mental harm. Today I felt guilty and like I failed to protect my child from Harm. The day had started out fairly well considering how things have been for the last few months, Logan… Read more