I Grew A Pair And Felt Invigorated

Unless you follow me on social media, you are probably wondering what the post is about, going on the title. Well let me explain. My picture on my home page shows me with short hair. Well I shaved it off! I’ll explain before you think I am some crazy hormonal pregnant woman. For a few weeks… Read more

Pregnancy Update 2nd Trimester:- Weeks 16-19

Firstly I would like to apologise for the delay in this pregnancy update. Things have been crazy busy here, combine that with being ill, meant that blogging has taken a back seat. But I am back! In this update you’ll get 3 weeks worth. Emotions… Over the last 3 weeks I have had some pretty… Read more

Pregnancy Update 2nd Trimester:- Weeks 14-15

Welcome to the 2nd pregnancy update post if you can read about my Pregnancy Update 1st Trimester:- Weeks 1-13 if you missed it before continuing further with this post and if you missed the announcement then you can check that out here. I am now 16 weeks and 2 days but want to update you on how… Read more