Pregnancy Update 1st Trimester:- Weeks 1-13

So if you follow my blog you’ll know that last week myself and Matt announced we are expecting our second child. If you miss it you can check out the post here. Moving forward I plan to do regular post updates with how the pregnancy is going. For this first update though I am doing… Read more

We Have Some Exciting News….

Yes over at Clicks & Giggles HQ we have some wonderfully exciting news that I have struggled to not share with you, friends and family for quite a while now, it has also been extremely difficult to hide as the weeks have gone on. If you haven’t already figured it out then maybe this picture… Read more

Today Logan Turned Two!

The last 2 years have flown by, I’m an emotional person at the best of times but I become even more emotional when I think about Logan and his birthdays and the day he was born. So far on both is birthday’s he has woken up around the time he was born. Which considering he… Read more