A Time For Reflection

As the New Year quickly approaches I find myself reflecting on this last year and what it has held and what 2016 might hold for myself and my family. Now you should know that Matt and I never really do anything to celebrate the arrival of the New year. We quite often have a quiet… Read more

Jelly Belly To Yummy Mummy #21

Firstly let me start of by Saying I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. If your christmas has been anything like mine, it has been full of food, more to the point full of chocolate. I always get bought Chocolate at christmas and to me, Chocolate is part of Christmas. I love chocolate.… Read more

Removing The Build Up of Hair dye

So as you have probably seen from pictures that I have upload that I have quite dark hair. My Hair is naturally brown but from dying my hair like every other month with chocolate browns or the odd red colour my hair just ended up looking black and no matter what colour I dyed it,… Read more

Jelly Belly To Yummy Mummy #20

It’s nearly Christmas whoop whoop! So this last week has been a good week really in terms of how I feel mentally and emotionally. Workout wise has been ok only managed 2 work outs but I made sure I pushed myself and worked my butt off. In Last week’s post I was saying how much weight I… Read more

O Christmas Tree!

We have been in our house for 5 years now and up until this year the tree has always been at the back of our lounge/dinning room because that was where it fit best. Last year we had to buy a smaller tree because since having Logan there just hasn’t been the room for our… Read more

Jelly Belly To Yummy Mummy #19

Happy Monday folks. So I’ve not posted much lately and still trying to get back into the swing of things since being ill. You may have read in last weeks Jelly Belly To Yummy Mummy post that I wanted to change my approach to my health and fitness, and that I wanted to mix things up.… Read more

Jelly Belly To Yummy Mummy #18

I’m back after having some time off thanks to the flu bug that has been going round. Both myself and Logan have been full of it over the last 3 + weeks and of course Logan has also been teething….It’s been great fun in our house….Not! So you may recall in my last Jelly Belly… Read more